HyperGallery – 2017 KOENIGSEGG Regera in 33 New Photos

Koenigsegg is rolling deeeeep lately!  Showing up to Geneva auto show with nearly a half-dozen exotics is mighty impressive.  And we hope it means their new lightning-fast Regera flagship is selling brisky!

Two examples here, with both an exposed-weave carbon fiber, tinted and glossed to perfection in red/black and green.  The red Regera has chrome-red paintwork to contrast the carbon up the middle.

All Koenigsegg’s are targa tops — two cars in one! — and the look is distinct with top up or off.  Off, this is a brutally rounded/chopped speedster.  Top on, and this becomes clearly a 300MPH aero dream!  Of course, you can do all the Regera’s doors and front/rear clamshells via the remote keyfob.  It is quite stunning to behold.

There’s no motor to tuck the top under the front hood.  But we volunteer to help any time!regera gif343

The most enchanting angle of the Regera has to be its slippery, pointy longtail.  A real teardrop effect is stunning — with spoiler down.  But up?  Back to a totally different look/feel.  Three cars in one?

Koenigsegg also brought along its non-hybrid Agera RS Gripon one-off to the show.  Enjoy.


2017 KOENIGSEGG Regera