2018 Range Rover VELAR World Debut w/Video

Hey handsome!

Check out the latest and greatest Range Rover in history: the new VELAR!  The RR Velar is another genius product that fits the five-seat super-sport SUV niche.  Yes, there was open space for new customers above the Evoque bu below the seven-sear Range Rover Sport.

This Velar is set to hoover them up.  Next-gen powertrains and tech abound – but there’ll be time for all that later.  First things first: how gorgeous is it?




An ultra-streamlined new aesthetic for the bodywork hugs the ground like no Land Rover before.  The ultra wide track appears straight off the daddy RR proper, but with a proper chopped top this time!  The low and mean look makes the new Velar look angry from the nose!

Wrapping the RR Velar is tighter and more aero-optimized bodywork than any Rangie to date – especially including the RR Sport SVR.  While an amazing machine, that truck maintains some worlds-best offroad skills.

It appears on first sight that Velar may trade some of that for bonkers grip and stonkering power.

And high speed!

The streamliner look is holistic: everything tapers toward the rear of the machine.  Roof is blackedout of course, and the rising silly creates quite a racy fender in back.  Slimline, stretched LED graphics are part of the new design ethos, as are the flush-mounted door handles, a la Aston or Tesla.  These emerge when needed but are otherwise tucked away cleanly.

Watch this space for more Velar details in the future.  Until then, drink in its muscular lines.

VELAR is a real design icon in a family that’s never been short of curb appeal.

Fitting that it would debut at the Design Museum, London, this evening.

The car is a 2018 model-year and its USA timeframe is predicted for August of 2017.

And who is the lovely pixie in the featured image?  Why that’s Poppy Delevingne.  Our model/actress IT girl of the VELAR evening.  Cheers darling!



2018 Range Rover VELAR