Launch Gallery – 2017 Land Rover DISCOVERY


Definitely lives up to its One Happy Island tagline.

The hilly island is the perfect backdrop for the all-new Discovery.

Just kidding! 

Many of these pics were labelled Aruba… but that is the name of the color. =]   Photos from Utah.  Aruba does have awsome cliffs and red rock… but much more ocean and flora all around.  Our real clue was seeing snow in one of the photos.

The 2017 Discovery arrives around April/May to US showrooms with pricing from $50k to $74k.  Two engines: the supercharged gas six or a turbodiesel that adds about $8k to the base price.

Loads of impressive safety tech to show off inside the new Disco — and the next-gen Land Rover definitely looks ultracool – and very futuristic – outside.

We worried a few years ago that the new Disco would look too similar to the Ford Explorer – but happy that is not the case.

Here are 80 pics of the new seven-seater on location in Utah.

2018 Land Rover DISCOVERY