10 Great Holiday Gifts for Car Guys

With the holidays here again, it’s time to face the challenge of what to get for the gearhead in your life. Whether you’re well-versed in what to get the guy who has everything, or haven’t a clue where to begin, you can’t go wrong gifting one of our 10 selections for car guy gifts. This list includes items for all price points that work in the car or in garages and man-caves.

Here are our picks:

1. The Car Garbage Can – Makes keeping your prized ride’s interior looking brand new a little bit easier.

2. Travel Coffee Mug – Yes, it sounds simple, but sometimes simple is best. A sturdy travel mug gives your car-obsessed friend the confidence to corner at speeds other drivers would deem unnecessary without spilling their coffee on the interior.

3. Smart Garage Door Opener – We’ve all left the house only to wonder if the garage door stayed open. This cool device makes it possible to close the door from anywhere that has Wi-Fi using only your smartphone.

4. Service Manuals and Car Books – If someone who’s regularly working on their own car doesn’t own a service manual for it, they’ll be extremely grateful for this gift. Shop manuals provide valuable advice, but for the car guy who’s already got one, coffee table books and historic magazines make great gifts too. Who doesn’t love looking at car cutaway pictures?

5. Car-Themed Coasters – For the beer-drinking car man in your life – or just the one who’s interested in protecting tables and countertops – car-themed coasters come in numerous styles and a variety of materials.

6. Car Vacuum – Any tool that makes maintaining a well-kept interior easier is sure to be appreciated by a car nerd. The latest salvo of compact cleaning tools from brands like Black & Decker have the features and attachments to make the job a snap.

7. T-Shirts – One can never have too many comfy tees. If they proclaim your love for the brand of car that lives in your garage, that’s even better.

8. Buffing Kit – Anyone who’s ever detailed more than one car in a day realizes the immense help that a power buffing kit provides. Not only does it make the job quicker, but a quality buffer is also the best way to achieve a deep, effective polish.

9. Race Tickets – If you want to go big, it’s hard to beat a day at the track. Make sure to find out what type of racing your friend is into. For example, it might be easier to get dirt-track tickets than Formula One tickets.

10. Driving School/Professional Driving Experiences – You’d be hard-pressed to find a car guy or girl out there who doesn’t want to visit a place where professional drivers encourage you to push the limits of a car’s handling. Here, not only do they do that, but you also come away a better, safer driver for it.

Of course, we should mention that the best gift for any car guy is a car. It’s that simple. So if you really love the car-aficionado in your life, hang a set of keys from the Christmas tree this year. If that’s a little more than you were planning to spend, you won’t go wrong with these choices.

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