Rolls Royce Spectre Testing Moves To France, Company Confirms It Will Retain Core Character

Rolls Royce made waves a short while ago when it revealed that it was producing the Spectre EV. The Spectre will be the first EV to move beyond concepts and limited production exercises with the model showing the world what a production Rolls Royce EV will look like. Rolls confirmed that testing has now moved to the coastal scenery of France, and they even revealed some new things about the Spectre, including the suspension.


Ghostly Spectre Will Be A Different Kind Of EV

The Spectre may be taking Rolls on the fast track to electrification but that doesn’t mean that Rolls Royce is slacking from its commitment to delivering world-class luxury and quality to consumers. This commitment has been a pillar for over 116 years, but the Spectre is forcing the company to take a much more aggressive approach to make sure the car can flawlessly perform. The car itself is currently 40 percent complete, and the exterior is still covered in a rolling canvas of colors and letters, but that’s not stopping the British firm from embarking on a two-part testing regimen while the car soaks up the rays on the French coast.

The first of these tests will take place on a test track that Rolls and parent company BMW operate in Miramas France. Engineers will take the Spectre down handling courses and even through standing water. If the prototypes pass these early trials, they will then move to public testing, tackling the winding roads that dot the area near the test track. Rolls claims that this enhanced testing is partially due to the sheer amount of technology that the Spectre has with the company confirming that the Spectre will be the most technologically advanced Rolls model ever. A small sample of this is found in its sender-receiver relations. Typically, this tech quietly sits in the background, but Spectre has 141,200 sender-relations which are responsible for over 1,000 functions and a whopping 25,000 sub-functions.  That’s alot of computerized tech and a very good reason for Rolls to look over everything with a velvet-lined comb.


Magic Carpet Ride To Be Retained

With many EVs focusing on performance and handling, it may be safe to assume that the Spectre will follow the tire tracks of makes like Tesla, and Lucid. However, for buyers that think they will get a Tesla-like experience in a finely tailored suit, Rolls engineers confirmed that the Spectre will continue to deliver the “Magic Carpet” ride that its recent models have become known for. That means a smooth ride that trades corner carving rawness for bump and divot absorbing serenity. We’ve had the chance to experience just how crystal smooth this setup is and it’s good to see the Spectre will continue to offer it.

However, unlike Rolls’s ICE models, the Spectre even manages to put its own spin on the feature, with the suspension being equipped with new technology that actually uses data from the navigation system to decouple the anti-roll bars when needed and re-engage them when the car comes to a part of the road where they are needed the most. The suspension also firms up when entering a bend to help improve cornering behavior which is a nice touch, especially on an EV like the Spectre.

In addition to the suspension, the Spectre will also stand out in other ways. The EV will have the longest set of coach doors that Rolls Royce has ever offered on a production car (59 inches for those curious) and will be built on a structure and platform that uses a massive amount of aluminum. This helps cleave a massive amount of weight from the car and improves aerodynamics since aluminum is an easier material to mold and shape than traditional steel panels.


When Will We See The Spectre?


With the car still in early development, Rolls Royce has predictably not released any performance figures or other crucial details beyond what we know about the car already. However, look for the Spectre to make its official appearance in early 2023. Pricing will be revealed at that point, but look for the Spectre to have a price tag that will not only be a noticeable premium over its ICE-powered cousins but also reflect the sheer amount of technology that will be a part of the broader SPectre ownership experience.