Mullen Unveils Mullen Five EV CUV, 325 Mile Range And 3.2 0 to 60 Time Could Create Potent Combination

Amid all the debuts that occurred at the 2021 L.A. Auto Show, There are still some eager upstart firms seeking to make a name for themselves in the broader electric vehicle segment. One of these firms is Mullen, with the Southern California company using the 2021 L.A. Auto Show to introduce the all-new Mullen Five EV crossover.


Big Numbers And Value Pricing, Can They Pull It Off?

Like a few other newcomers in the EV segment, Mullen is playing the tried and true tune of promising big performance that can be had at a value price. In this case, the company claims that the Mullen Five can make the sprint to 60 mph in 3.2 seconds though the company chose not to reveal its setup for the electric motors. Instead, the firm confirmed that the crossover would get its juice from a 95 kWh battery pack. We suspect that this crossover is most likely packing some form of dual-motor setup, which could mean standard all-wheel drive in this configuration.

Mullen claims that the top speed is limited to 155 mph, with the SUV even having the ability to reach 80 percent charge in just 21 minutes when it’s hooked up to a fast-charging system. The exterior styling of the Mullen Five appears to be a proverbial hodgepodge of traits. Still, it does seem to have the bulk of its influence from the recent wave of crossover coupes that entered the market. All four corners are shod in massive Pirelli tires, and slim, elegant lighting is used in the front and the back. This strong showing comes on the heels of Mullen revealing that a base Five will start at $55,000 though it’s hard to say if that pricing will stay intact when it enters formal production.


Luxurious Interior Is Mullen Five Strong Suit

The interior of the Mullen Five is sparse compared to some of its potential rivals. Still, there’s also a strong luxury motif to it, with the dashboard being dominated by a large infotainment screen while large pull-out trays aim to enhance the versatility of the space. The rear seats also appear luxurious with legroom to spare, which could be a welcome side effect of optimal battery pack placement. Splashes of wood trim are also abundant, but with this particular example being a prototype, it’s unknown if the complete design will carry over to a production version or not.

We hope it does since Mullen has taken some notes from rivals like Tesla and has crafted a more distinctive cabin, which should please customers who value having the latest and greatest in their EV purchase, especially interior luxury and technology.


When Can I Buy A 2023 Mullen Five CUV?

Mullen reps revealed that the company has opened up ordering for the Mullen Five, with interested buyers being asked to put down a $100 refundable deposit to secure their spot in line. If everything falls into place for the firm, they will begin Five production in 2023, with the first deliveries slated to take place in 2024. Mullen still has some steps to overcome before the Mullen Five can make the giant leap into production reality. Still, the prototype on display at L.A. does show that the company is making serious moves towards being a contender, and they will be a name to keep an eye out for over the next few years.