VATH Blacks-Out SLS AMG Roadster With 700HP Supercharger and Slammed Stance



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702 PS SLS ROADSTER by VÄTH Automobiltechnik

Since November 2011 Mercedes-Benz SLS Roadster is the first vehicle independently developed by AMG for sale. In a relatively short time many prospective customers have given in to the magical charm of Swabian sports car, which program is Sport Leicht Super (the short form being SLS). Such a tidbit in the best sense needs no correction, or does it?

Increase in efficiency in everything that company works with is one of many special spheres of VÄTH Company in Bavarian Hösbach. As for the here represented SLS Roadster, a bundle of measures has been taken with this V63 SUPERCHARGED, i.e. installation of compressor kits and an air box, individual sharp tuning of the engine electronics and the increase of the Vmax. This once again proves its efficiency. Out of the 6.208 cm³ in the company was able to get 515 kW = 702 or 850 Nm torsion torque for 3.6 seconds for the spurt from 0 to 100 km/h and a Vmax of 330 km/h (Attention to tyres operating permit!). With the data on the fuel cooler and the enlarged gear box oil cooler, the car features more helpful tools. To optimize the high performance brake system the car has been equipped with brake discs of more than 405-mm on VA and the extremely robust steel flax lines. A stainless steel exhaust system with throttle control is installed on demand. As an alternative there is also (certain export only) a stainless steel exhaust system with sports catalyst. As far as the “invisible part”.

The wheel-tire combination consists of three-part forged VÄTH 9.5×20 inches wheels with a set of tyres of the following dimensions: 265/30-20 on the front and 12×20 inches with 315/25-20 – on the rear axle. An absolute novelty is the set of threaded sportsprings complete suspension for SLS vehicles with AMG RIDE CONTROL developed by VÄTH company. This thread sports spring which goes with the nose-lift (increase of 40 mm) does not affect the functionality and enables the RIDE CONTROL functionality and features electronic damper calibration in the comfortable stage and in sport tuning and lowering of 20 – 45 mm. Certainly, the shock absorbers are adjustable in terms of height and hardness (and the height adjuster is installed) what leads to the safe and comfortable handling on the roads and race tracks.
Front spoiler, boot spoiler with spoiler limp and side skirts, including brake ventilation are made of high quality visible carbon. The sporty steering wheel with the leather/leather interior version is also possible with carbon or finewood. Striking, as in the direct line of sight, the speedometer shows up to 400 km/h.

The total cost of this conversion amounted to 85.130 euro, inclusive of VAT. The itemization on amount of the individual parts is upon request directly at the following address:

Photos: Jordi Miranda

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