Oh, what life must be like for a tuned Ferrari!  All your factory niceness washed away — replaced by rock-hard carbon and scary new speed.

The intro of turbo power for the Cavellino line is promising for tuning boutiques.  Upgraded sound and boost make a huge dose of adrenalin outside and in for this VOS-9x.



The vital vision of a FERRARI 488 GTB by VOS PERFORMANCE.
To create a stimulating re-interpretation of an automobile icon and assemble something incredibly unique: This is one of the specialties of the fine-tuning company “VOS PERFORMANCE” in Swabian Neckarwestheim.

The Philosophy
The acronym VOS represents VISION of SPEED. A company’s name that impersonates not only engine power, but much more. Managing Director Michael Keller describes the philosophy of the enterprise: ”Each vehicle appears with its own character. Knowing the character in detail is the basic prerequisite. In order to compose an inventive or extending interpretation of the existing material, the true art is to strike the right “note” if implanting the slightest adjustment into the individual automobile DNA. I like to compare our work with the tuning of a Stradivari. If handling it incorrectly or too insensitive, the soul of such an extraordinary masterpiece can be destroyed in an instant.”

The Engine
The Ferrari 488 GBT is most certainly a VOS-VISION who triggered a trend reversal avalanche in Maranello last year and has been celebrated as an automobile sensation. With immediate effect, the long-time defended bastion of the naturally aspirated engines are surrounded by the hissing sound of a powerful turbocharger. Originally, the 3,9 liter bi-turbo V8 offers a spectacular 493 kW (670 HP). The engineers and technicians of VOS PERFORMANCE proudly presents the astonishing power curve of their top model: using the option VOS PERFORMANCE power increase “Stage 3”, the Swabians can write down a furious 662 kW (900 HP) into the technical family register of “their” Ferrari. A brute 910 ft.-lbs. of torque – as swift as an arrow spoken rhyme – joins with almost the same value numerically. Further options like “Stage 1 (750 HP / 810 ft.-lbs. of torque)” and “Stage 2 (830 HP / 860 ft.-lbs. of torque)” are available. This translates into an aggressive acceleration rate that feeds the driver’sadrenaline. MichaelKeller:”Weachievedthis quantum leap by the optimization of the engine management system and an adjusted air induction system. The exhaust system has been specially developed by VOS PERFORMANCE – various extension levels are available – either with “Downpipe” or sports catalyst (200 cpsi) in order to add the final touch to our VISION of SPEED.“ This description illustrates that the future pilot will experience an unprecedented experience of power and sound. For all the aficionados of impressive sound reefs, VOS PERFORMANCE provides a newly developed Titan exhaust system range together with the well-known sport exhaust systems manufacturer AKRAPOVIČ coming in May. Heavy Metal plays the solo of “Days of Thunder“.

The Body
The sophisticated carbon-outfit not only adds more distinguished character but causes a stir. For the elegant woman, the little black dress is of importance. For the masculine Italian, the breathtaking VOS PERFORMANCE carbon-outfit is his state of passion: insanely sexy and at the same time extremely nonchalant. The optical adjustments involves the lower front, side sills-like spearheads and a multi-part system diffuser – depending on the configuration level – at the lower rear. Another notable feature: the rear-wing of the 488, carried out in zero position, has been fabricated as a complete mono bloc component. The striking trenchant mirror caps, as well as the “ventilation system” of tailored air-intake and outlet veneers at the vehicle’s flanks, assembles the perfect body-kit shaped by VOS PERFORMANCE. Every single part of high-quality visible carbon fiber is produced with absolute precision. Because of the complex calculation of the line layout, the air circulation at the front- and rear-axle is eased.

The exclusive cooperation with the Spanish wheel experts LOMA ensures the powerful VOS PERFORMANCE 488 will stay on the road. Keyword strength of character: equipped with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires size 225/35 – 21” on the front axle and 325/25 – 21” on the rear axle, the exclusive LOMA forged alloy rims (9,0 x 21” front and 12 x 21” back) establish the perfect optical and technical synthesis. Like a tailored suit fabricated especially for the Swabian-Italian super sports car. The H&R-sports spring set completes the magnificent appearance of the 488 optimally – purchasable exclusively at VOS PERFORMANCE.
Quality and Safety „Made in Germany“
The VOS Managing Director Michael Keller points out the tremendous significance of the manufacturing and certification process of their own product range. “Made in Germany” is the measure of all things for us. Without exception, the components have to pass extensive quality and safety checks before the delivery or installation. This procedure is most important for the carbon parts of the body-kit in particular. We are aware of a lot of examples neither praiseworthy nor acceptable resulting in inferior quality, translating into costly additional expenses. All of this, not to mention the serious safety deficiencies and the unpleasant troubles with the regulatory authorities. Parts and stability approval certifications issued by a state certified inspection organization are mandatory. We are committed to our clients and it is our obligation to make them feel safe and sound on the road.

The Bottom Line
The brief bottom line of the VOS PERFORMANCE PROJECT – 9x: 900 HP. 910 ft.-lbs. of torque. Performance data right in front of the sound barrier. Fortunately, a pilot license is not necessary to fly the VOS-Ferrari through the curves. The noble tuning company presents a strong Italian stallion that no car enthusiast wanting a thrilling attraction could resist. This vital VISION of SPEED by VOS PERFORMANCE originated the perfect implementation of their own company’s slogan. The VOS PERFORMANCE Ferrari 488 Grand Turisme Berlinetta will celebrate its world premiere at the TuningWorld Bodensee, May 5 – 8, 2016. You are welcome!

Additional information about this exceptional Ferrari 488 GTB by VOS PERFORMANCE can be found at:
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Photos: Jordi Miranda