2016 BMW M5 GTS by Carbonfiber Dynamics

A multi-stage upgrade here from Carbonfiber Dynamics.  OEM-like quality execution for this M5 is the result of fresh Vossen alloys, GTS Fire Orange paintwork and a 3DDesign carbon bodykit all around.  Power is way up, naturally, but the machine itself appears quite aged.  If even an estimated $50k in mods fail to revive the tired design…. then it is probably time to get pumped for the next-gen M5?

Among fanboys, sure.  But for owners, the F10 M5 has much left to give!  We’ve dubbed the overall package the M5 GTS — a name that has a great ring to it!


2016 BMW M5 GTS by Carbonfiber Dynamics



Carbonfiber Dynamics in Dortmund is by now Europe’s largest distributor of extraordinary carbon parts. With their latest project – a BMW F10 M5 – they are presenting the highest stage of evolution in the area of carbon-fiber technology. The carbon package consists of a front lip, side sills, diffuser and a spoiler created by the inimitable pen of 3DDesign in Japan. 3DDesign is very well known as the ultimate BMW experts from the land of the rising sun. Their advanced level of individual design and expertise of carbon-fiber components is highly acknowledged.
Perfection and precision are the top priority of 3DDesign. This makes them a perfect match for the philosophy of Carbonfiber Dynamics. The TÜV certification – especially issued for this particular 3DDesign kit – just emphasizes the critical standard towards exceptional quality, fitting accuracy and safety.

Equipped with 21 inch luxury rims by Vossen and a special finish called Fire Orange (GTS color of the E92) makes the M5 already a striking phenomenon. Even the engine – truly a mighty beast in its original version – had to endure some modifications. Accompanied by a sporty and electrifying sound a staggering 830 PS/818 HP (= 610 kW) are now available for pure enjoyment.
The exhaust system as well as the downpipes have been modified and the twin-turbo received an upgrade as well. The result is beyond impressive: the M5 requires approximately 10 seconds in order to launch from starting position to 200 km/h. Most of the lion’s share of the 10 seconds acceleration from 100km/h to 200 km/h takes 6,6 seconds.

An important comment on this project: the carbon package by 3DDesign – with TÜV part certificates – is available for the M4 as well as for the M6.

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Photos: Carbonfiber Dynamics