BMW i1 and i2 Will Provide Brand With Entry-Level Models According to New Report

BMW is proceeding full speed ahead on EVs but as the brand prepares to expand its electrification efforts, it also knows that buyers will want entry-level models to provide them a gateway to the brand’s electrification technology, but without breaking the bank.

A new report appears to indicate that BMW is addressing these concerns and will introduce two entry-level models that will make their respective appearances in 2027 as the brand prepares to fire on all cylinders to get its electrification strategy up and rolling. 

i1 and i2 are currently under development

In a new report that was published by AutoCar BMW is developing two entry-level models the i1 and the i2 that will help the brand expand its sales reach among younger buyers. The publication also cited inside sources that are familiar with the matter and that the early development phase for both of them has already begun. It also appears that BMW is planning a calculated launch for the duo with the i1 appearing in 2027 while the i2 will allegedly make its appearance a year later in 2028.

While this statement may seem like it does not have much to stand on, it’s actually supported by a prior interview with Bernd Korber BMW’s head of product when he revealed that BMW will continue to rough it out in the entry-level luxury vehicle market. This move might give the company an opportunity to capture more of the youth market especially with Mercedes-Benz sending the A-Class into retirement. This youth movement will help pump needed lifeblood into the Neune Klasse platform especially as more models begin to emerge.

More questions than answers

For now, BMW is keeping the key cards in its hand close to the vest and has not confirmed whether the report is valid or not. However, a key question will be how these entry-level models will fit in with the rest of the company’s plans. The company has stated in the past that the Neune Klasse platform will also host utility vehicles and the i1 and i2 might run into some internal competition from these models when they begin to make their way to BMW showrooms.

In the meantime, look for the company to focus on more immediate concerns including the development of the electrified 3-Series as well as further expansion of their existing lineup of ICE, hybrid, and EV-powered vehicles.