2017 Chrysler PACIFICA Limited – First Drive VIDEO Review + 78 Photos

Feast your eyes on this beauty!

The most premium minivan… ever.  The 2016 Pacifica Limited is impressive from all sides.

Its drive is a nice showcase of the line.  The vehicle feels fast and quite rigid in the chassis.  This lets the ride be extra supple, and is a rarity in the van segment versus the Honda Odyssey, in particular.   No wobble around back is a delight to report in this next-gen Chrysler.  The nine-speed auto and potent V6 are terrific on hard throttle.

The exterior styling is a huge hit.  It is smooth but sleekly aero-honed.  Panel gaps and shutlines are all world-class. The Pacifica Limited’s cabin is the real showstopper.  So deeply luxe.  And high-tech!  Just check out the tablets in back with preloaded games.  Or the authentic stitching of the dashtop.  And even a contrast color — French-stitched in a Maserati-esque way — for the leather seat seams.  FCA is on their cabin game.  And Uconnect has topped the Consumer Reports tally of infotainment systems — for good reason.  It is fast and deep.

Just like the Pacifica Limited!

Pricing… mind you… is fairly premium too.  $43k is the base for the Pacifica Limited, and this Safety-pack and $3k uConnect Theater pack car comes in at $49,950.  All in.  With Delivery… this is really a $50k minivan.

Is it really worth that?

Watch the drive video below and enjoy 100 fresh photos of the car inside and out.




2017 Chrysler PACIFICA Limited – INTERIOR


2017 Chrysler PACIFICA Limited – EXTERIOR