AC Schnitzer Brings Hot BMW 4-series Gran Coupe and M235i to Essen

acs essenThe 428i and 435i Gran Coupes are just about the biggest rule-book-shredders in the automotive game. A four-door coupe based on an actual coupe seems more logical than the CLA and A7, no matter how swoopy their rooflines might be. Its closest competitor is the A5 Sportback, which is not imported to the USA for fear that our tiny brains would explode at the options. We are glad BMW gives shoppers more credit than that.

AC Schnitzer’s 435i M Sport GC becomes the next-best-thing to a four-door M4 – with the Laguna Blue of this demo model especially striking and M-tastic.

AC Schnitzer BMW 4-series Gran Coupe

acs essen 435i4er_GranCoupe_by_AC_Schnitzer_13_300 4er_GranCoupe_by_AC_Schnitzer_15_300 4er_GranCoupe_by_AC_Schnitzer_14_300 4er_GranCoupe_by_AC_Schnitzer_16_300 4er_GranCoupe_by_AC_Schnitzer_17_300 4er_GranCoupe_by_AC_Schnitzer_07_300 4er_GranCoupe_by_AC_Schnitzer_06_300 4er_GranCoupe_by_AC_Schnitzer_05_300 4er_GranCoupe_by_AC_Schnitzer_08_300 4er_GranCoupe_by_AC_Schnitzer_01_300 4er_GranCoupe_by_AC_Schnitzer_02_300 4er_GranCoupe_by_AC_Schnitzer_03_300 4er_GranCoupe_by_AC_Schnitzer_09_300 4er_GranCoupe_by_AC_Schnitzer_10_300 4er_GranCoupe_by_AC_Schnitzer_11_300 4er_GranCoupe_by_AC_Schnitzer_12_300


AC Schnitzer BMW M235i

DSC_2511_300 DSC_2497_300 DSC_2501_300 ACS235-rear-01_300 ACS235-front-02_300 ACS235-front-01_300 ACS235-rear-02_300 ACS235-detail-01_300 ACS235-detail-02_300 ACS235-detail-03_300 ACS235-detail-04_300 ACS235-detail-05_300 ACS235-detail-06_300 ACS235-detail-07_300


acs essen