Site Updates: New Navigation Functionality – Left-Side Article Outlines + Lower Center Scroll-To-Top

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Site Updates: New Navigation Functionality [Beta]

Hey guys,

As you undoubtedly know, we run a cutting-edge type of operation here.

That means there are various flashy gizmos on the back-end of this website to allow it to load every page and any image, any time.

But along with all these photos in every article comes the challenge of navigating easily around the site and down the page itself.

As we balance site load speed with ease of use, there are good changes and bad ones. We hope these two new navigation helpers will be in the “good” features bucket. They make reading articles a bit simpler, and less of a scroll-a-thon.


On the left-hand side of articles, you should now see a shaded box just behind the AddThis icons. This new feature has three parts:

— top element auto-scrolls to the top of the page

— middle element opens an article outline, and clicking there will take you to that part of the article. (This may or may not work properly in auto-generating a good menu for every article, particularly ones before July 2014.)

— bottom third of this bar will take you to the bottom of the page. handy if you are looking for the hard-coded share buttons, want to comment, or see the recommended articles in the footer of the page.


2014-11-24_154610 2014-11-24_1547202014-11-24_154720 2014-11-24_153233 - Copy


This little widget is pretty cool. It has five functions:

— Top Arrow: auto scrolls to top of page.

— Center Home icon: takes you back to homepage.

— Right search icon: opens custom search window. Searches within this site only.

— Bottom icon: opens the page

— Left icon: opens the general menu to guide you to various article category hubs – trucks, supercars, etc.

 2014-11-24_160210 2014-11-24_160405 2014-11-24_160305

Hopefully these two new additions are useful and relatively light-weight in their impact of site load times and the responsive web design that custom-tailors the site to match your device.

Other relatively new features?

Hoped that these last two would be relatively self-explanatory, but always good to be thorough.

— Right-side pop-out to see currently popular articles.

— Top-left Google Translate icon. (This appears to be broken. Grr. Will investigate.)

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site features gif