2015 Toyota Sienna Brings Refreshed Touchscreens + Dark New Nose with LED Low-Beams and LED DRLs

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The AWD and FWD Toyota Sienna is a huge player in the lux van segment. New competition in the form of the 2015 Kia Sedona might eat into either the Sienna or Odyssey’s honeypot — so the Sienna updates to compete.

The changes are very, very subtle on the exterior. SE and Limited models bring the body-color accent package as before, with a remodeled nose and grille design in dark gunmetal. The headlamps themselves are a bit darker-tinted overall, completing the refresh nicely.

Lighting-wise, up front the Sienna’s all now have LED Daytime Running Lights as a slash of white in the lower headlamp. Uprated models bring LEDs for the low-beam lights themselves. This is a fantastic innovation point for Toyota lately. The Corolla has standard LED low-beams and the 2015 Camry is all-LED lit as well.

The other big changes are to the chassis strength and the cabin tech. A new central screen joins new needles for the gauges, while the 7-in touchscreen in the center is now swipe-able and quicker-acting.

As before, the Sienna is best in those huge second-row thrones!

Kids these days… =]

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Redesigned 2015 Toyota Sienna

Fact Sheet Updates

July 21, 2014
Exterior Changes:

  • Refreshed exterior styling includes:
    • Updated front grille (LE, XLE, Limited)
    • LED DRL & upgraded headlamps (SE, Limited)
    •  Restyled tail lights (excluding SE)
    • New grille colors for LE, XLE and Limited
    • LED DRLs on SE and Limited Grades
    • Stiffened chassis (including 140+ additional spot welds)

2015_Toyota_Sienna_SE_001 2015_Toyota_Sienna_SE_001 2015_Toyota_Sienna_SE_002 2015_Toyota_Sienna_LTD_016 2015_Toyota_Sienna_LTD_012

 Interior Changes:

  • Updated interior styling includes:
    • Upgraded surface materials and stitched surfaces
    • New intuitive HVAC button layout and audio system
    • New meter cluster and MID
    • Available Dualview Blu-Ray DVD Entertainment Center with RCA, SD Card and HDMI inputs
    • More refined interior with additional soft touch materials that replace previous harder plastics
    • New Multi-information display in between speedometer and tachometer. Displays critical vehicle and trip information. L and LE grade have a 3.5-inch black and white, while SE, XLE and Limited get a 4.2-inch color TFT
    • Backup camera is standard on all grades
    • Larger audio/backup screen: 6.1-inch (L grade) and 7-inch (LE, SE, XLE & Limited)
    • Upgraded steering wheel on all grades

2015_Toyota_Sienna_LTD_022 2015_Toyota_Sienna_LTD_017 2015_Toyota_Sienna_LTD_018 2015_Toyota_Sienna_LTD_019 2015_Toyota_Sienna_LTD_021 siennaxle4a-dashboard-r_002 siennase4a-dramaticdial-r_001 siennaxle4a-dashboard-r_001 2015_Toyota_Sienna_LTD_020

Safety Changes:

  • Additional LATCH locations: Sienna now has 4 instead of 3
  • Sienna gains 1 airbag to now give it a class-leading total of 8 (including larger curtain side airbags). The new airbag is the front-passenger seat cushion airbag.

***No mechanical changes to engine/transmission
***Sienna is offered in both FWD and AWD and is still the only van to offer AWD

2015 Toyota Sienna

TORRANCE, Calif. (July 17, 2014) – A toddler rockets into space. A family’s imagination runs wild. A father begins a curious conversation. With a little creativity, some CGI effects and a bit of ironic humor, the redesigned 2015 Toyota Sienna is the star of the show. For the first time, Toyota is revealing a new vehicle completely online, introducing the 2015 Sienna van today through the eyes of three creative, social media-savvy parents. In a series of custom videos, these parents bring to life the everyday and sometimes unexpected adventures possible in and around the Sienna.

Creative parents have lit up the Internet with modern takes on kids’ antics, family experiences and the world around them. To show how the spirit of the 2015 Sienna inspires real families in their daily lives, Toyota enlisted parents from the “Action Movie Kid,” “Eh Bee Family,” and “Convos with My 2-Year-Old” to spend time in the new Sienna “Swagger Wagon” and create their own unexpected adventures.

“Today’s parents are embracing their life stage and those relatable family moments that make us laugh and feel connected,” said Jack Hollis, vice president of Toyota Division marketing at Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. “The 2015 Toyota Sienna seizes that same spirit of fun, everyday experiences with family and fits into the modern family dynamic. That is why Toyota chose to introduce the newest ‘Swagger Wagon’ to the world through a creative lens.”

The 2015 Sienna offers something for everyone with a more upscale interior, better handling and family-focused, smart technology. The available Driver Easy Speak feature uses the vehicle’s built-in microphone to amplify the driver’s voice through the rear speakers so parents don’t have to shout to passengers in the back. The available Dual-View, Blu-Ray rear seat entertainment system makes the Sienna a kid-favorite destination. More soft touch materials throughout and an optional black leather interior help families embrace the minivan lifestyle.

View all the Sienna reveal content from the Toyota-sponsored families on the Toyota YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/ToyotaUSA.
 2015_Toyota_Sienna_LTD_007 2015_Toyota_Sienna_LTD_004 2015_Toyota_Sienna_LTD_001 2015_Toyota_Sienna_LTD_015 2015_Toyota_Sienna_LTD_016 2015_Toyota_Sienna_LTD_003 2015_Toyota_Sienna_LTD_014 2015_Toyota_Sienna_LTD_005 2015_Toyota_Sienna_LTD_002 2015_Toyota_Sienna_LTD_010 2015_Toyota_Sienna_LTD_006 2015_Toyota_Sienna_LTD_011 2015_Toyota_Sienna_LTD_009 2015_Toyota_Sienna_LTD_008
Sienna is One of the Family

To showcase the updated Swagger Wagon, Toyota partnered with creative parents and invited them to debut the Sienna’s new features and functionality using their own brands of imaginative storytelling.

The “Eh Bee” family of Andres, Rosanna, Gabriela and Roberto post six-second Vine videos that have earned them social media fame. The snappy mix of family dynamics, humor and wholesome parodies poke fun at modern parenthood. When the Eh Bee Family tried out the Sienna, they created funny moments about falling in love with “Sienna” and an over-eagerness to take it on a road trip.

“We loved goofing off in the Sienna and exploring the funny ways family vehicles fit into our daily lives,” said dad Andres. “Our videos embrace all the hilarity that comes with being a family in today’s world, and the Sienna fit right into those stories.”

Dreamworks after-effects artist Daniel “Hashi” Hashimoto transforms home videos of his son, James, into the viral YouTube sensation “Action Movie Kid.” Special effects allow James to perform virtual stunts like jumping over hot lava and wielding a working lightsaber. The adventures only got better when Hashi used the Sienna to virtually take his son into space and underwater.

“Working with the Sienna inspired me to imagine how James might look at everyday driving adventures and share that fun perspective with other parents,” said Hashi. “As a dad, I love watching my son explore his world, and the Sienna gave us a new avenue to check out.”

“Convos with My 2-Year-Old” took the Internet by storm when dad Matthew Clarke re-enacted conversations with his two-year-old daughter Coco, replacing her in videos with a grown man. The series documents chats about cookies, princess dolls and the ever-present desire to press the elevator button. Clarke and creative partner David Milchard reimagined the current format for a series of three videos titled “Conversations with My Sienna,” bringing the absurd tone to the minivan experience.

“It’s amazing how many people love the random conversations I have with my daughter, so it was fun to bring that sense of humor to the Sienna,” Clarke said. “Being a parent has made me much more observant of the little details in life and this campaign made me realize how much a vehicle is really an extension of the family.”

In addition to the reveal video series, the Sienna marketing campaign will center on social video content featuring the redesigned model as it rolls through the streets and cul-de-sacs of America.


Getting Inside the New Sienna

Even more parents will have the opportunity to meet the 2015 Sienna when it goes on display for the first time at Artscape in Baltimore. The free arts festival will be held July 18-20 and will host a collection of artists, exhibitions, outdoor sculpture, children’s entertainers and street theater. Visitors will be able to take in all of the vehicle’s newest features, including:

  • An optional 4.2-inch, color multi-information display can put turn-by-turn directions right in the driver’s instrument panel for the best viewing.

  • Available LED daytime running lights and headlights contribute to the redesigned front grill.

  • Capacitive switches on the optional 7-inch touchscreen allow users to swipe items on and off. It’s also customizable to place selected features on the home screen, such as music channels, available Driver Easy Speak and optional navigation.

  • An optional pull-down, conversation mirror lets the driver check on passengers without turning around.

  • Available black leather interior with white contrast stitching.

  • Gauges in the instrument panel have a new, modern look.

Safety remains a top priority for families, and the 2015 Sienna brings features to help provide peace-of-mind. With eight airbags, the 2015 Sienna has the most airbags in its class. The available panoramic backup camera now comes standard and has virtual guidelines to help navigate the driveway with greater confidence. It’s also easier to securely install children’s car seats with four LATCH locations.

For more information about the 2015 Toyota Sienna, visit www.toyota.com/swaggerwagon.

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