RM Monaco 2014 Highlights – 1993 Bugatti EB110 GT Brings $384k of Rapid Hypercar Class

That is great value for this sure-to-appreciate asset. Originally priced in the $450,000 ballpark even back in 1993, this rare Verde Scuro (dark green) EB110 GT is the epitome of the aristocrat’s hypercar. Not yellow and not even Bugatti Blue – this is one for cruising under the radar.

But cruising at warp speeds. The original quad-turbo engine was plenty to scoot this incredible machine to 60-mph in 3.7-seconds before ultimately reaching a top speed of more 213 mph. This is in completely stock transmission and tire settings, by the way — which cannot be said for the 240-mph Vmax achieved later on by the McLaren F1.

The McLaren F1 that hit those speeds had a special set of extra-tall gear ratios and is believed to have been running a cat-less racing engine, boosting power by over 15-percent from stock.

For the connoisseurs who do not need to shout their wealth and class to the world, this EB110 GT will always be a top marque.



Lot 123

1993 Bugatti EB110 GT

To be auctioned on Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sold for €280.000

560 bhp, 3,500 cc DOHC quad-turbo V-12 engine, six-speed manual transaxle, four-wheel drive, independent front and rear suspension, and four-wheel internally ventilated hydraulic disc brakes. Wheelbase 2,552 mm

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