Shock! Toyota Corolla Looking Pretty Good – But Where Is The Power?


2014 Toyota Corolla LE Eco Exterior Animated GIF

That is not nice, but the Corolla S has never before looked this confident. Will it look good in a few years? Who knows.


But I’ll be thrilled to never suffer the previous Corolla S model’s hideous body kit.

Onto the good news: the new Corolla brings better style, standard LED lighting,and a bit more knee room in back than before.

No, it is not huge suddenly – something seems wrong with Toyota’s measurements.

Dart versus Corolla Competitive COmpare

The Corolla claims better legroom in back versus the Dart, but the Dart packs 10 extra inches of rear hip room.

Something perhaps not realistic with these numbers: the Corolla and Dart share a total interior volume of 97 cubic feet.

2014 Toyota Corolla interior Animated GIF

Is the new Corolla quick or good to drive? Not exactly.


There is zero power from these de-tuned 1.8-liter four-bangers, which come in Slow or Slooooow versions. A torsion beam brings up the rear, but does help with the cargo space counts – which are also very large for this car segment.


The six-speed manual is the best option among the three choices. Shockingly, the old four-speed automatic continues on the extreme value models.


Most will find buyers with the new CVTi-S, which is effortless to drive but still … a loud, moo-ing experience when merging onto a freeway.

2014 Dodge Dart GT Looking Sexy 5

It is also just plain slow. There is no power.

Perhaps between 12.5 and 9.5-seconds to 60 mph in the Corolla if you must, which is two seconds behind the Dodge Dart GT.


Style-wise: all but the Corolla S wear a body-color nose, while the S brings a gloss black grille.


2014 Toyota Corolla LE Eco

2014 Toyota Corolla S


2014 Toyota Corolla – Interiors