EuroChevy Halted in Favor of Opel / Vauxhall – But What About the ManU Jerseys!?

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EuroChevy Runs Out of Gas

In what seems like a curious move from General Motors, Chevrolet today reports it will no longer promote or sell Chevy-branded cars in Europe by the end of 2015.

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This is a very complex decision, but one that has sound business principles at its core.

Europeans do not want to buy Chevrolet cars. Period.

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Most new brands, like Infiniti, face an uphill battle to sway these entrenched buyers with very specific brand loyalties to local marques. But let us say Infiniti started at a brand index of 0, and is working to move that index closer to BMW’s 100.

The process takes years and billions of dollars.

But let us say Chevrolet – the iconic, adored American bow-tie brand – started in this hypothetical brand index with a score of -100. So their challenge in catching BMW is thus 1000X more difficult than Infiniti’s similar goals.

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For comparison purposes, this helps me understand the choice to focus on Opel across continental Europe, and Vauxhall in the UK.

The implications will be wide-spread for General Motors, but could be the right decision.

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Opel is a huge German engineering powerhouse, despite its brand foibles, and can develop exceptional cars with global appeal. One might even say that the eroding fortunes of Vauxhall and Opel were – in part – caused by Chevrolet’s competing brand rollout since 2009.

If a Buick outside Europe, or called a Holden in Australia: the excellence of the products will be the true barometer of future success from Chevrolet’s GM parent.

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The Manchester United soccer jersey sponsorship by Chevy for $500 million through ~2017 is starting to look even more ridiculous than ever before.

Hopefully the bowtie sponsor locations can be changed to the Vauxhall Griffin…

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