KIA Launches All-New – With Help Of Brilliant Denuo Digital Brains

KIA Launches All-New – With Help Of Brilliant Denuo Ad Agency

The race to have the best consumer-facing car manufacturer website is really heating up toward the close of 2013.

The combination of new shopping habits among car shoppers, far better graphics and personalization options online, and the old classichating any car showroom experience.

2013-11-04_104524As GM runs trials with a few all-star dealers on an online ordering process for private shoppers, Kia is also upping its game dramatically. is all-new today, with a far more simplified and relaxing layout than any other OEM website we can recall.


The features of the new site look deep and impressive, with digital tracking, targeting and social features all part of the core framework.

Sounds familiar to the CarRevsDaily mission. But we do not have the $20-million retainer that the brilliant minds at Publicis Omnicom Group’s flagship digital solutions guru’s. Denuo is the name, and big ideas are the game.

Check out the all-new here.

2013-11-04_104549Kia Sorento SX-L Animated GIF999999