727HP 2016 Ford Mustang GT KING Edition Headed to Ford Stores w/ Race Parts, Factory Warranty

Pretty incredible new Mustang heading to Ford showrooms this year! The Petty’s Garage KING Edition is set to be produced and sold with a full warranty, yet wild race parts and custom detailing. The wildly sexy lower-body and flip tail spoiler are offered in matching blue crush of the previous Mecum auction car, donated to the Paralyzed Veterans of America foundation and scoring a major sale haul — in the half-mil range!

These new King Editions will go fast, both on the street and on the lot, of course. Standard horsepower for the supercharged base model is 627-ponies, while a Stage II kit runs a tighter supercharger gearset and race map to deliver its 727 high-strung stallions.

Pricing is from $70k to $94k depending on options. A cool look at both variants in the range via these photos fresh from Petty’s Museum, of the white King Edition 2016 showing two wheel styles — one silver, one black.

The other awesome preview is of the 14-unit convertible production run, with its special paintwork a signature detail, even without a major bodykit. A new type of premium painted racing stripe also joins the options list, which can be ordered from Ford dealers. Long live the KING!



2016 Ford Mustang GT King Edition

2016 Petty’s Garage Mustang GT “King” Edition Announced

Petty’s Garage is working once again with Ford Motor Company. This time around we’re building three new Mustang GT “King” editions.

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