Mecum Indy 2015 – 1993 Toyota Supra Official Fast Furious Movie Car Seeking $150k+

1993 Toyota Supra Official Fast Furious Movie CarMovie cars sometimes have a hard life after the filming stops. They have sometimes been abused to the point of no return – with only one or two of the original six-pack of action stars making it to the premiere on four wheels.

This 1993 Toyota Supra is the exception. Thanks to fairly gentle use in The Fast and The Furious, this Paul Walker whip survives today in perfect condition. One of one, this Supra is a perfect slice-of-life from the early 2000’s SoCal car scene.

The time is right for a big-money sale in 2015, 14 years after the movie became a surprise hit and shockingly-popular franchise for sequels.DSC_0816

Furious 7 just became the highest-grossing film of all time in China. Fans are still heartbroken at the loss of Paul Walker in real life — adding sentimentality to all his vehicles.

This is arguably the top of the crop of fast cars Walker raced in the movies — and will be instantly recognizable for years to come.

Surprisingly, this Supra is the naturally-aspirated model. Making 220-horsepower through a five-speed manual transmission, the lack of giant turbochargers helps make the most of the integrated (but not currently functional) NOS boosters.

The car crosses the block at the May 12-16 Indianapolis Mecum Auction with an estimate of around $175,000. For the right fan, this Supra will always be an action hero — on-screen and in your driveway.

1993 Toyota Supra Official Fast Furious Movie Car

Mecum Auctions

Lot S157

Indy 2015

May 12-16

1993 Toyota Supra
Fast and Furious Stunt Car

  • Engine
    3.0/220 HP
  • Trans
  • Color
  • Interior

ESTIMATE: $150,000 – $200,000

The Fast and Furious movie franchise took movie car chase scenes to new levels of intensity, with an array of automotive stunts that helped make it an over-the-top success. One of the star cars of The Fast and The Furious is the Toyota Supra driven by the late actor Paul Walker, who portrayed undercover police officer Brian O’Connor. Like any movie involving car stunts, more than one version of this car was built, including a “hero” car for close-up scenes and others designed and built to perform the actual stunts.

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