2024 Subaru BRZ Pricing Revealed, Gets More Expensive But tS Is Coming Soon

Subaru has revealed official pricing for the 2024 BRZ sport coupe. While pricing is increasing for the new model year, Subaru is adding new features to the model including the debut of the all new tS model.   BRZ tS New Pinnacle Of Performance That Also Debuts EyeSight   Before we get into the pricing situation, we might as well talk about the biggest update for 2024, the debut of the BRZ tS. The tS is a spicier version of the BRZ and while it’s sadly not the formal STI model that many Subie fans were hoping for, it does …

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1926 Ford Model T Speedster – 2017 RM Sotheby’s Hershey PA

So much nostalgia today. But hey, this is a street tuning origin story! Stripped-down, shorn of bodywork and back seats.  Even doors take a pass for this open cockpit road racer.  The drum fuel tank is upsized for cross-country treks – and mounted alarmingly close to the passenger’s ears!   “T for Two” is an appropriate little name for this cutie. The T Speedster is updated with a three-speed manual and slightly modded motor details (Rajo cylinder head?) to keep it humming hard in 2017 and beyond. With a Speedster like this, the typical top speed of the Model T would …

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Gallery: 2017 Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T in 33 Gorgeous Photos

The fastest breadvan ever created!  Hard to get a sense of the car’s beauty from up front, even in these Tuscan landscapes.  The tail is a much bigger hit.  Its individual LED lightpods are deeply 3D and stylish, hidden under a strong tail spoiler crease. The profile is hot for all wagon and shooting brake fans.  Would love to see it with tinted windows! 2017 Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T

Road Test Review – 2016 Ferrari California T

Any chance to drive an all-new Ferrari is enough for an epic day off.  What fantastic fortune! The 2016 California T is the facelifted and engine-swapped update of Modena’s only 2+2 cabrio.  Its $205k base price actually makes it the cheapest model in the 488, F12 and GTC4Lusso range. The numbers and noise coming from the twin-turbo 3.9-liter V8’s quad central pipes are definitely not entry-level, however! The new turbo drivetrain definitely delivers warp speed… but in a slightly delayed way that betrays this car’s split soul. Love-at-first-drive in the Ferrari California T? Sadly, no. Let’s find out why this car’s conflicted …

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2016 Ferrari California T – Deserto Rosso

Ferrari presents a new video and photo tribute to the vast mountains of sand in the Middle East with this glamourous new Cali Turbo video! It is a stark reminder of the natural beauty of the landscape, and its unique nature versus anywhere else on Earth. And also a great reminder of the new California’s beauty and potent performance…! These cars may or may not include the new Handling Speciale package, but look like they are having a ball outside Dubai regardless!     https://youtu.be/xzOQpOGD1YU   2016 Ferrari California T – Deserto Rosso Ferrari Reveals Deserto Rosso Ferrari Pays Tribute …

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