1984 Audi Sport Quattro

RM Arizona 2015 Preview – 1984 Audi Sport Quattro

  Why so many auction articles, I hear you asking. Auctions are one of the only appearances of extremely rare and coveted classics, and the photos and bios prepared as owners ready their beauties for sale are some of the best out there. Because whoever buys the car will absolutely adore it and think of it constantly, the pricest ones expecting above $100,000 are truly gussied up for the occassion. It is the equivalent of the Oscars for vintage automobiles — and this is the red carpet. Few rally cars have as much lasting impact as the Audi Sport Quattro …

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2015 Audi TT Sketches tile

All-New 2015 Audi TT Set for Geneva Debut — Design Sketches Show Evolutionary Approach + Butch Stance

  The latest Audi concepts are a bit dazzling — but often for all the wrong reasons. But even while the Sport Quattro loses appeal on its exterior, the interiors of this next-gen set of Audi sports cars might be the real news. A totally clean-sheet layout revamp brings an ultra-low and minimal front dashboard that is simply divine. Allroad Shooting Brake – 2014 Concept Interior: CES 2014 – SQ Concept Interior Will the TT be able to proudly join the Audi sports car family in this generation? Despite is alloy-intensive construction in the current generation of TT and TTS …

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Audi Sport quattro laserlight concept    Detail  Farbe: Plasmarot

Audi Laserlight Tech – New Images of R18 LM and Sport Quattro from Audi Motorsport

LEDs are amazing. They are so astounding in ways that lightbulbs could never be. As a solid state, LEDs are as toss-able as a SuperBall versus a delicate 40W Soft White bulb. As incandescent bulbs no longer meet energy requirements for US manufacture from 2014, it is clear: Lighting is a huge, important place to earn energy savings. But it can also change your life! LED Light-up dog balls are my personal favorite. Without the searing, pure and consistent light of the internal LED: playing catch in the dark is tricky for even the smartest pups. http://store.flashflight.com/product_info.php?products_id=116 Back to Audi’s …

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Standaufnahme    Farbe: Plasmarot

Audi Sport Quattro – Design Analysis – Deconstructed Headlight Styles

Audi’s latest concepts might feel familiar, but actually bring a slew of new ideas to maintain sales momentum as the firm enters more new segments than ever. New shapes of crossovers and hybrids are critical to maintain momentum for the company, which achieved a best-ever 1,455,123 units sold globally in calendar 2013. Also impressive: Audi is active in 100-plus countries – which is about double the footprint of most luxury brands. While many tout the success of Lexus and other luxury new-comers, Audi is really the comeback king. There were years in the late 1980s when Audi of America could …

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