GEIGER Dodge Viper GTS-R710 2

210MPH GEIGER Dodge Viper GTS-R710 Boasts Reworked Headers, Cats, Exhaust and Ram Airbox

The Viper is incredible!  We fell hard for the brute recently, and love the tweaks GeigerCars created to make the car even better. A seriously reworked engine detailed below aims to help the 8.4-liter, 645HP stock V10 break free. Yes, this Viper is off the chain! But most of all, it howls higher and growls lower thanks to the new intake, headers and exhaust — all putting up the total output to 710 ponies. 2.9-seconds to 60-mph for this exact car, and pulling hard at its 212-mph official Vmax.   GEIGER Dodge Viper GTS-R710 PRESS RELEASE Dodge Viper GTS R710 …

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