Pagani ZONDA Cinque Roadster 2

Pagani ZONDA Mega Gallery – 88 Photos of Zonda S, Tricolore and Cinque

Just what it says on the tin … or, carbotanium! The Zonda made quite an impression on the automotive world over its first decade since ~2002.  Despite fewer than 100 made in total, the specials were quite plentiful.  Here we have the Zonda, Zonda S, F, Zonda Tricolore and Zonda Roadster.  There are even a few Zonda Tricolore photos in here.  =] The all-time favorite among this crew?  The Zonda Cinque Roadster with its giant scoop intake! For the Zonda R and Revolucione… check out the related posts. Pagani ZONDA Cinque Roadster Pagani ZONDA Mega Gallery