Oldsmobile Aerotech 34

An Eighties Veyron? How The Oldsmobile Aerotech Paved The Way For The Modern Hyper Car

It might seem hard to believe, but it wasn’t too long ago that the very idea of a hyper car was considered a pure fantasy. While the supercar segment would morph into one of the most iconic parts of the 1980s and 90s, hyper cars were pure science fiction, and were relegated to being curious science experiments for automakers. However, the Oldsmobile Aerotech concept would help give the world a glimpse into a future where the hyper car would synthesize its way into modern culture especially in terms of design.   Subtle similarities help paint broader picture Unlike the Aerotech …

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Relive your Oldsmobile memories with pint-sized Aerotech go-kart, one of only 70 made

Typically Sunday is when we launch another installment of our ongoing concept car series, but this unique offering on Facebook Marketplace certainly caught our attention, and if your willing to make the drive to New Hampshire, this slice of Oldsmobile Aerotech linked history can be yours for $1200. Aerotech looks with half the size We might as well address the obvious, this is not the official Oldsmobile Aerotech concept which served as the pinnacle of Oldsmobile’s engineering efforts in the 1980s. For those that need a brief refresher course, the Aerotech was an experimental high speed concept car which was …

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1987 Oldsmobile AeroTech 30

Insider: Basic Car Maintenance and Repair Tasks You Can Do Yourself

Driving is an expensive part of daily life. From the get-go, learning to drive, buying your first car and then having to insure it, all cost money. You then have to keep up with the fuel costs, and of course, the expenses that come with any repairs. No car is invincible, and no vehicle will last forever, so needing to fix or replace parts of a car becomes an inevitability over time. However, you can save money on basic repair and maintenance tasks by learning to do them yourself. Here are a few examples of simple tasks that you can …

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aerotech II

Concept Flashback – 1992 Oldsmobile Aerotech V8 Delivered 270MPH VMax

aerotech II

The first Aerotech concepts from 1987/1988 aimed to launch the new Quad4 engine with a bang: via a hypercar record-breaker with amazing low-drag and lightweight design.

The two original Aerotech concepts showed exciting design ideas for 1990s GM models like the Camaro and Firebirds of 1992, plus some cool cabin tech like a clear heads-up display panel and single-seat layout.

The third goal? A really cool Oldsmobile brand builder.

This was even more sought-after in 1992.

Oldsmobile updated and revamped the Aerotech to include modern shrouded lighting, an even more streamlined design, and more pronounced Oldsmobile branding. This resulting car had a big secret under its huge canopy, too.

Instead of the Quad4 engine that achieved more than 260-mph in 1987, the AeroTech II debuted the 4.0-liter V8 Oldsmobile had up its sleeve for the Aurora launch in 1994.

The design of the Aerotech can clearly be seen in the Aurora sedan, and helped that high-priced model receive serious launch buzz as a worthy Cadillac and Lexus rival in the mid-1990s.

As a spotters guide: both the long- and short-tail 1980s Aerotech concepts lacked headlamps, while the 1992 is only a long-tail with headlamps.


1992 Oldsmobile Aerotech Oldsmobile Aerotech 51 Oldsmobile Aerotech 19 Oldsmobile Aerotech 20 Oldsmobile Aerotech 18 Oldsmobile Aerotech 21 Oldsmobile Aerotech 22 Oldsmobile Aerotech 23 Oldsmobile Aerotech 24 Oldsmobile Aerotech 25 Oldsmobile Aerotech 30 Oldsmobile Aerotech 27 Oldsmobile Aerotech 26 Oldsmobile Aerotech 36 Oldsmobile Aerotech 37 Oldsmobile Aerotech 38 Oldsmobile Aerotech 39 Oldsmobile Aerotech 40 Oldsmobile Aerotech 40 Oldsmobile Aerotech 39 Oldsmobile Aerotech 38 Oldsmobile Aerotech 27 Oldsmobile Aerotech 22

Oldsmobile Aerotech 48 Oldsmobile Aerotech 54 Oldsmobile Aerotech 53 Oldsmobile Aerotech 44

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Concept Flashback – 1987 Oldsmobile Aerotech Short-Tail and 1988 Aerotech Long-Tail

The 1987 and 1988 Oldsmobile Aerotech concepts were a high-speed R&D showcase, branding exercise and new engine launch in one. The hypercar style of the car was a direct result of the engineering goals: to help this 160-horsepower Quad4 engine power the car to a world-record top speed. 160-horsepower? Surely that would never be enough to hit 200-mph? In fact, the car hit 267.99-mph the day before setting the official closed-course world record on 257-mph on August 27, 1987. A short-tail Aerotech ST wears full venturi air channels under a flipped-up and chopped rear end. This short-tail wore a single …

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