Best of NAIAS – 2017 LINCOLN CONTINENTAL – No-Apologies Flagship = Limo Heaven!

Lincoln Motor Company is still best known for its long-running Town Car — that darling of the global limo business for decades. The Town Car on its rear-drive, Falcon-based frame has been out of production since 2012 — with the time since spent working doubly hard to prove that the MKC and MKZ are viable global luxury cars. Sporty, modern and elegant have been the core tenets of the new Lincoln recently, but a moment of genius has now swept through the brand’s strategy. The insight?  Being modern and stylish is possible … even while embracing the legacy of the brand. …

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Lincoln Continental Concept 65

2015 Lincoln Continental Concept Paves Way for SuperLux 2017 MKS Variant

Lincoln is re-earning its stripes car by car these days — with excellence but a bit of inconsistency. One segment it still owns almost completely even after the Town Car bowed out in 2012 is the livery market. The MKS and MKT are still the default choice for limo companies across the US. How to springboard this luxury reputation into continued US comfort plus the brand’s biggest opportunity in decades: China. The Chinese love the Town Car and feel affinity toward the Lincoln brand in general. It has deep roots, back-seat panache and classiness of a premium brand. To hit …

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2015 Lincoln MKS 8

2015 Lincoln MKS Wears Secret Trim Updates for Houston Auto Show

It took a few minutes to realize what exactly was new about the 2015 MKS versus the previous refresh – introduced in the 2012 model-year. But are any of these changes outlined below in the press release, per usual? Not exactly. As far as Lincoln Media and are concerned, the 2015 MKS does not exist yet. Even so, here is a slightly updated model in Houston last month. The key detail change? New LINCOLN badging across the trunk-lid, right above a new chrome handle hiding the backup camera lens. 2014 MKS 2015 MKS Is that it? Well, we also …

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