Mercedes-AMG GT by PRIOR DESIGN – PD800GT Widebody Aero Upgrades Include Ducktail Rear Wing!

AMG GT by PRIOR DESIGNBrace yourself: this new Prior Design AMG GT-S is one of the most intriguing supercar upgrades available at any price.

The brand-new AMG GT and GT-S are clearly a huge achievement over the SLS. More beautiful, more fun to drive and of course, much faster… the new AMG GT also broadens the appeal of the SLS supercar via a 50-percent price cut.

A base price for this ultra wide and low supercar from just $135k for the US GT-S throws the car right in the middle of Porsche 911 Turbo and Bentley Continental GT V8S lineups.

But the intensity of even the stock AMG GT’s design and visceral appeal vaults the machine close to the Ferrari 488 GTB and new McLaren 570S.

Perhaps just a few Black Series-style tweaks to bring the new GT-S up to that next level of supercars?

The new Prior Design upgrade pack handles this and even more. A sophisticated new lower aero kit all around is stunning in detail, with functional merits as well for ultra-high-speed drives.

Available with or without the widebody fenders, the Prior Design AMG GT-S is easily far more intense, and far more special, than the factory machine. Check out the parts details below. The pieces are available individually or as a kit — and shop ready-to-paint for installation at your local supercar boutique.

We especially recommend the ducktail spoiler out back!


PD800GT Widebody & nonWB Aerodynamik-Kit für Mercedes GTS