McChip-DKR Takes Lamborghini Aventador SV to 800HP

Just a downpipe upgrade and new engine management from McChip-DKR so far on their Lambo project.  Getting to 800 ponies just takes this $14k upgrade! One forgets that without turbochargers, tuning race-like engines takes serious expertise.  Just not nearly as easy to crank up the power electronically.  Every additional pony will make this lucky person’s SV the fastest out there. MCCHIP-DKR Lamborghini Aventador SV MCCHIP-DKR AND ITS PERFORMANCE PLUS KIT FOR AN AVENTADOR Photos: mcchip-dkr GmbH & Co. KG Mcchip-dkr in Mechernich is very well known as the expert for sophisticated chip tuning and nifty software maximization. In addition they …

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McChip-DKR 2017 Porsche 911 Scores Value-Priced Turbo ECU Reflash

Rare to have the same exact thought about tuning a Porsche versus tuning a Ferrari!  But indeed, this new McChip 911 takes a similar path to extra oomph. The intro of turbo power for many previously-atmospheric supercars presents a huge new opportunity for tuning boutiques.  Upgraded sound and boost make a huge dose of adrenaline on throttle for this Porsche. McChip-DKR Porsche 911 MCCHIP-DKR AND ITS INCREDIBLE VERSION OF A PORSCHE 991 CARRERA S 3.0 Photos: mcchip-dkr GmbH & Co. KG Mcchip-dkr is well-known for operating an ultramodern research and development center for chip tuning in Mechernich, located southwest of the …

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