First Look – Lotus Emeya & Lotus Eletre – New Lotus Models Aim To Catapult Firm To EV Age, Will They Succeed?

Lotus is preparing to make big moves in the EV vehicle segment. While the company cemented its history as an automaker that made lightweight vehicles that emphasized weight-cutting and exceptional handling, Lotus has also been on a proverbial rollercoaster in recent years with COVID-related challenges and a 2017 stock purchase by Chinese firm Geely being some of the twists and turns that have faced Lotus owners the past few decades. That said, Lotus is preparing to embark on a bold strategy and will focus all of its efforts on building a lineup of EV-only offerings with the Lotus Emira being …

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3.7s 2017 Lotus Evora GT430 Scores 6MT, Track Aero and LSD

Here is the kind of facelift that really brings an existing car to life.  Big boost in power, new bodywork on all sides and increased performance all around?  What is not to love? The style of the hottest Evora ever is certainly noteworthy.  Its air-channeled front and rear bumpers are brand new and track-ready.  The front splitter is even more intense than ever.  And of course, a tall rear wing really means business. The louvered hood and carved front sill also speak to functional performance upgrades.  A new exhaust, stick-only configuration and a limited-slip differential make this Evora the most …

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