Road Test Review – 2019 Lincoln Nautilus Black Label – By Carl Malek

We like exploration, the sense of embarking on an adventure and discovering new things. It turns out, the folks at Lincoln also like the spirit of adventure too, especially with their recent blitz towards adding more exploration focused motifs into their models. When we last checked in on Lincoln, we checked out the biggest offering in their lineup, the revamped 2018 Navigator. The Navigator aimed to re-establish Lincoln’s dominance in the full-size luxury SUV segment, and we put that to the test by embarking on a road trip that took us throughout northern and western Michigan. However, while the Navigator …

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2017 Lincoln MKZ – 400HP V6TT, New TVD AWD + Drivers Pack

Check out the new Lincoln MKZ! This extensive facelift and refresh is one of the most extensive in recent memory, especially versus the exceptionally light touches on the 2016 Focus or Explorer and 2017 Escape. The entire nose of the MKZ is all-new and all-different. Its controversial dual waterfall grille design and pointy face is swapped for a posh, flowing and organic new flow. A large oval grille lives in the center of the nose, wearing a fresh interlocking mesh look. All-new headlights are absolutely mesmerizing!  Love them. Single beams line up horizontally for the low and high-beams, while LED …

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