1968 Ford GT40 Gulf Mirage Lightweight LM Racecar 26

1968 Ford GT40 Gulf Mirage Lightweight LM Racecar – Most Valuable American Car Of All Time?

When it comes to racing greats and the all-time automotive hall of fame, this Gulf GT40 is certainly in the top ten. This exact car was the first to win a race wearing the now-legendary Gulf racing livery. Until this GT40 crossed the finish line in first place at Spa, these iconic powder blue and marigold colors were just another racing stripe. This GT40 is also the most valuable American car ever sold at auction, and likely ever made. It is unlikely that any other American car has changed hands privately for a bigger sum. (But is the GT40 even …

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Corsa VXR Front

2015 Vauxhall Corsa VXR Packs Koni Shocks and Limited-Slip Diff!

  The hot hatch market in the UK is one of the fiercest and most-competitive anywhere in the world. So to have any street cred selling millions of luke-warm mini-cars, a brand needs to have an aspirational hero at the top of the range. A car that will make Richard Hammond laugh and hoon, you might say. The Corsa VXR is a direct response to the global love-fest that surrounds the Ford Fiesta ST. These two mini-cars are Britain’s top-selling vehicles, so any tweak or change in their style and performance is rapidly noted by all drivers. Especially lead-footed teens! …

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