Road Test Review – 2020 Shelby GT350R – The ultimate jack of all trades?

The 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R is a very interesting elixr for many car enthusiasts. When we sampled it earlier this year at the M1 Speedway, we were immediately entranced with the serpent’s ability to deliver world class track performance. This includes having the muscle necessary to blast through long straights and the grip to find the apex every time. But how does the GT350R fare beyond an average track day, and is it worth paying the extra cost over a slightly cheaper base GT500? We we’re eager to find out.   Reptilian skin wows the neighbors, and Twister Orange …

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2020 Shelby GT350R Debuts, Borrows Tricks From Big Brother GT500

When we last met the 2019 Shelby GT350, It was at Michigan’s M1 Concourse Speedway in Pontiac, Michigan where we had the chance to experience some of the track focused charms that this delectable serpent brings to the lucky buyers that can add one to their garage. However, a notable absence was its upgraded sibling the GT350R. Ford has rectified that wrong, and has formally unveiled the 2020 Shelby GT350R which not only benefits from Ford’s track experience, but also pulls a few plays out of the GT500 playbook. Buyers looking for a radical styling evolution will not find it …

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2017 SHELBY GT350 43

2017 Ford Mustang SHELBY GT350 – Review w/ 5 HD Videos

Why? Because Racecar! Spending a week in the Shelby GT350 is one of the highlights of my life so far.  Nothing else has come close to this level of animal aggression on the road.  The GT350’s $60k pricetag feels like the bargain of the century.  For a Mustang so special that it’s the 911 GT3 RS of muscle-cars. A car this tight and taut feels like it’s doing 170-mph even at idle.  No other Mustang gets anywhere near this power-on brilliance.  High revs, high power peaks and few shifts are the way to rock GT350 around a racetrack fast. This …

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2016 SHELBY Mustang GT350 vs GT350R Track Duel in 80 Gorgeous Action Shots and Shrieking Video

Here is a perfect Friday happy-hour: a HOT video of the new GT350 and GT350R rocking out on track.  The flat-plane crank of two GT350R’s around the same corner is nothing short of racing nirvana. Grattan Raceway in Michigan hosted the GT350R launch drive, while the GT350 cranked at the corkscrew of Laguna Seca. Fast way to tell them apart? The GT350R wears the red Shelby badges versus a polished alloy finish for the GT350 Shelby emblems. A good thing to note at this point is that none of these cars is even a Shelby Cobra…. so there is still …

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2016 SHELBY Ford Mustang GT350R – Colors and Racing Stripes Visualizer

  Scroll to the right of the standard Mustangs over here at the Ford configurator, and the all-new 2016 SHELBY GT350 and GT350R suddenly pop into view! We played around in the builder sandbox for a while to get a sense of the optional features and color combos available. A new light grey called Avalanche appears to be the only new color choice, but the seven others all look extra fantastic on the GT350R racing style. There are your standard red, blue, yellow, dark grey, light grey, white and black — with all available with a black-painted roof that looks …

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2016 SHELBY GT350R Is Quickest Factory Mustang Ever Made

If there are two priorities for an all-star track racer, one column would be labelled ‘Power’ and the other ‘Control.’ This new GT350R majors on control, with huge changes to the aero setup, the suspension and grip package, and the overall handling characteristics. The GT350R is an always-on, flypaper-grippy supercar that hopes to best the Camaro Z/28 in the quickest-lap stakes. This will be the Mustang for laying down the headline Laguna Seca laptimes, with much equipment and luxury tossed aside to slice those last few 10ths from the ultimate speed the GT350R can achieve. This means it will be …

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