Geneva 2015 Galleries - The FRENCH 23

Geneva 2015 Galleries – The FRENCH – Renault, Citroen, DS and Borgward!?

  PART FOUR When we found photos of this classic turd named Borgward, we naturally assumed from its hideous design, nauseating paint and unusual presence at a new-car show that it was French. It is actually German Belgian. Sarray. The Borgward design feels like a Karmann Ghia pretending to be a Buick, but less appealing than either. The Bakelite two-tone pastels are never a good idea. Only white with pink details would be worse. What is this? A white and pink Citroen van concept!  Home run, chaps. Time for a white-wine lunch? Moving on… So, why Geneva photos a week …

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Geneva 2015 Showfloor - PEUGEOT 3

Geneva 2015 Showfloor – PEUGEOT 208 and 308 GT Glammed-Up By ONYX and QUARTZ Concepts

  Peugeot actually has alot of new metal for 2015: the 308 and 508 GT are fresh, low and sexy designs with more appeal than any French mainstream car in memory. The 208 is refreshed this year as well, with slight detail tweaks to the glasshouse, LEDs front and rear, and slinky new gloss-black wheels to match the current street fashions. But what really sets the dark and sexy mood of the Peugeot stand? That would be the stunning ONYX supercar and more-recent QUARTZ suv concepts. There is no shortage of style and modern moodiness with these two tentpoles drawing …

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Geneva 2015 Gallery - ZENVO ST1 17

Geneva 2015 Gallery – ZENVO ST1 In Two New Wheel Styles + Venom Green Paint!

The ZENVO ST1 might not have the name awareness of a Ferrari, or the fame of Pagani or Koenigsegg. But what the ST1 does have in excess is real hypercar beauty.Every angle of the ST1 is a swirl of deep air intakes, chiseled edges and stunning, elegant simplicity. It is a gorgeous hypercar. This is a gorgeous machine. Even more so in Venom Green and with the new slant-spoke polished alloys on the silver car. With 1104 horsepower to the back wheels, the ST1 is only calm and serene when parked like this. When rolling, hold on to the rocket …

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Geneva 2015 Gallery - Cadillac ATS-V and CTS-V + Euro-Spec Escalade Platinum 1-tile

Geneva 2015 Gallery – Cadillac ATS-V and CTS-V + Euro-Spec Escalade Platinum

The new ATS-V and CTS-V look better and better to these eyes every time we see them! Two proper super-saloon cars for a specialized group of clients in the European market. Yes, Cadillac has always had trouble gaining traction in the UK and France, but the brand has devoted fans across many other Euro-group countries. Interesting to see the Escalade Platinum in its Euro-spec look, which takes some of our wishlist and makes it real. The brushed-alloy brightwork for the grille and details all around is now a nice dark grey, while the headlamps are now tinted a dark shade …

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Geneva 2015 Gallery - 2015 Ferrari Sergio by Pininfarina  15

Geneva 2015 Gallery – 2015 Ferrari Sergio by Pininfarina + 2016 488GTB

Looks like the new Ferrari FXX K is a no-show at Geneva so far, but that does not mean there is no new metal on the Prancing Horse stand. The limited-run Sergio by Pininfarina and the upcoming 488 GTB are both looking poster-perfect in this supercar nirvana of a car show.   Geneva 2015 Gallery – 2016 Ferrari 488GTB Geneva 2015 Gallery – 2015 Ferrari Sergio by Pininfarina