Cadillac Lyriq RWD, AWD, Pricing Revealed, Free Charging Option Included

The Cadillac Lyriq promised to have pricing that would reflect its status as the brand’s first-ever EV offering and in an announcement that was released early this morning, Cadillac delivered the goods confirming Lyriq pricing and other details   Lyriq Will Not Bust Your Wallet A notable detail here is pricing with a base RWD Lyriq starting at $62,990 which is $3,000 more than what the Debut Edition asked for when those models were announced. However, buyers will have a bigger supply pool of models and the standard model will still deliver 312 miles of driving range between charges. In …

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My Car In Detailed Turntable Animations + 30 Photos -- 2006 Subaru Legacy GT Limited  30

Insider: Top 3 Reasons NOT To Buy A Brand New Car

There are definite benefits to buying a brand new car; you’ll come away with a lot of new gadgets that make driving more fun and safer too, and you’ll have the prestige of driving around in a car no one else has ever driven before. However, there are far more benefits to buying a second-hand car, and these mean that buying a new car should never need to be a consideration. You’ll Pay More For A New Car If you want to save money but still buy a great car, second hand is the option that will suit you best. …

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Just How Much Does it Cost to Own a Supercar? Scott Huntington Finds Out

You have the money, and the idea is slowly forming in your head — you want to buy a supercar. It doesn’t matter if it’s new or used, you just want to look amazing behind the wheel of a powerful machine. Don’t get stuck in daydream mode, though. Before you buy any supercar, you must make sure you can cover all the costs of ownership. That means oil changes, plugs, belts, clutches and the heavy hitter — insurance. Unfortunately, supercar maintenance is not too easy on the wallet. Have a look at what it costs to maintain three of the …

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