The Zora Files - What Would Zora Do 17

Update1 — What Would Zora Do? Corvette Godfather and Guardian Angel — The ZAD Playbook to Greatness

Update1 — Chevrolet has thrown its support behind the Corvette Museum, and will oversee the restoration of all sunken Corvettes via the General Motors Design Center in Warren, Michigan. Zora smiles. What would Zora do? Is this a silly question for a man who lived from 1909-1996, and retired with a custom 454 automatic Corvette C3? No. He was the go-to guy for all the toughest Corvette problems challenges over the years. What would Zora do now? He would be very emotional, try to get the the cause of the sinkhole a few buildings away from his eternal resting place. …

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1968 Corvette ASTRO and ASTRO II Concepts at the National Corvette Museum + Ferrari and Bugatti-style Concepts 8

1968 Corvette ASTRO and ASTRO II Concepts at the National Corvette Museum

The Corvette Museum is fantastic. So much so that reviewing my visit’s 350+ photos is a bit mind-boggling. Organizing the coverage into topic chunks seems most logical versus one massive article. The below video highlights these Astro concepts briefly… before my iPhone conked out of battery life mid-filming. Good times. Let’s dive in to these exceptional concept Corvettes in the Engineering and Prototype room. The Astro and Astro II are both from 1968, and show the deep divide over where to take the Corvette C3 in its 1970’s iteration. They show a wild expression of streamlined principles across the board, …

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