Toyota Confirms Next Generation Land Cruiser, Will Debut June 9th

The Toyota Land Cruiser is an icon at Toyota. The big SUV is the definitive measuring stick (besides the TRD Pro lineup) in off-road capability and long-haul comfort. But the current generation model is starting to get long in the tooth, and some of its rivals are starting to outpace it. Toyota isn’t going to take it laying down, though, and has confirmed that it will indeed be producing the 2022 Land Cruiser with the big billy goat making its debut June 9th.


A Leaner Land Cruiser

As mentioned, the 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser will still be a big SUV, but our first glimpse at it (minus leaks) is rather small, with Toyota only allowing us a six-second glimpse via a Youtube clip. The clip is titled “Teaser 1,”  which indicates that there will be more clips (hopefully longer ones) coming during the next few weeks. The cover image even gives us a glimpse of its front grille, which has large chrome bars and the Toyota logo front and center. That ensures an authoritative personality but look for the rest of the Land Cruiser to benefit from some modern updates that will help clean up some of the rough edges and make the big utility look cleaner and more futuristic.

The new styling will be underpinning the TGNA-F platform, which promises to be much lighter than the outgoing Land Cruiser’s bones. The bad news is that the long-running (and thirsty) V8 will most likely be pitched with a 3.5 liter twin-turbocharged V6 possibly being fitted to it. Initial rumors suggest that the engine will make 409 horsepower but look for this engine to actually be a play towards enhanced fuel economy versus outright performance. Even the mighty Land Cruiser is not immune to tightening fuel economy regulations. An aluminum roof was also confirmed in the flurry of leaks, and that should help the SUV shave some excess flab from its flanks.


More Equipment And Technology Bring Icon To The Modern Age

The outgoing Land Cruiser is a proverbial time capsule when it comes to its basic interior design, with the core essentials being basically unchanged. Look for that long-running script to be tossed aside for the 2022 version, with the model bringing more technology and newfound vigor into the cabin. While we have to wait a bit to see images of the interior, it’s safe to assume that a new infotainment system will be on hand along with a pair of rear-mounted screens for passengers to enjoy. Four-zone climate control is coming to the Land Cruiser, and it appears that more luxury will be on the menu this time around.

Our attention, however, is focused on the all-new GR Sport model, with the 2022 Land Cruiser being the first Land Cruiser model to feature a GR-derived model. But contrary to other GR badged models that focus on raw pavement centric performance, we suspect that this model will actually go in the opposite direction and sharpen the Land Cruiser’s off-road performance. While the full suite of equipment that will be coming to the GR Sport is not entirely clear, it would seem that the GR Sport will be the only model to come equipped with the Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS), which features front and rear differentials and has been a prominent signature feature of the Land Cruiser’s Lexus badged sibling the LX 570.


When Will We See The 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser?

As mentioned, the 2022 Land Cruiser will be making its debut a week from now, on June 9th, via a virtual event. Look for the first examples to make their way to the U.S. sometime in 2022, with pricing and other key essentials being released closer to its official launch. The SUV’s appearance will also serve as a veiled preview of the next-generation Tundra pickup with the big SUV using some of that model’s underpinnings in its design. 

But regardless of how you spin it, the 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser will be a crucial chapter for the model moving forward. As the world adopts tighter fuel economy regulations, the iconic Toyota will have to be a flexible offering that can deliver the mileage to please suit-wearing regulators while also offering the trail slaying capability that adventurers crave. That’s an unenviable position for any model, but we’re confident that the Land Cruiser can power through it.