2015 UP Design Mole Construzione Artigianale 12

2015 UP Design MOLE Construzione Artigianale – World Debut in 45 Photos!

Welcome to Umberto Palermo’s latest exotic: the Mole Construzione Artigianale. Quite a mouthful of a name, and one that must be pronounced with Italian flair to feel its impact! Molè (Mo-lay) Cunstruzione (Cahhn-struuu-zzi-oh-nay) Artigianale (aharr-ti-zi-ohh-nah-lay). How are those for phoenetics! Molè references a local building in Turin, while Construzione Artigianale loosely translates to bespoke creation. Long intro! But the mood of this new hypercar needs no words. Stunning from all sides. It is a deconstructed and deeply sexy take on the modern high-performance ethos — but adds the joy of creation via details unlike anything else on the road. A …

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fcc4 gif

2014 Fiat FCC4 Concept For Sao Paolo Is Samba Rambo SUV Pickup!

Lambo Rambo… in Portuguese… is Samba Rambo? This amazing concept from Fiat is called the FCC4 and looks to be about the size of the Jeep Cherokee, but wearing giant rock-crawling rubber and a bad-ass pickup-truck bodystyle. Fresh ideas and designs abound, including the floating C-pillar and wrap-around brightwork of the glasshouse. Inside the roof and bed structure, we see some of the organic bracing seen from Bertone lately — all good stuff. Looks fantastic, and opens new doors to what the Fiat brand can be in the large Brazilian market. Fiat FCC4 Concept