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2017 BMW i6 Materializes in Renderings As Huge Carbon-Fiber Plant of Toray Industries Heads to Spartanburg

What is next for the BMW i brand? We have been speculating on that topic for weeks now, but a recent announcement has kicked things into high gear: BMW’s Moses Lake plant in Washington state is tripling production of carbon fiber. Second *strong* indicator? Toray Industries of Japan is a leading carbon-fiber manufacturer globally. It has just announced a 400-acre land purchase in Spartanburg, South Carolina for a gigantic new production facility. This is expected to feed both the Boeing 787 plant in Charleston as well as Spartanburg’s other famous factory resident: BMW. That points to a new BMW …

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BMW Debuts Solar Carport and Triples Carbon-Fiber Output at Hydro-Powered Washington Factory

The BMW i strategy is full-steam ahead — literally. Hydroelectric power in Washinton state is making it the global carbo-fiber manufacturing hub for the BMW Group, with an extra $200-million investment announced today. This will double the facility’s output and will help BMW meet strong i3 and i8 demand, as well as support the supply chain for the expected new BMW i models. i5 and i2? i4 and i1? It really could be anything. No announcements or even concepts have indicated which number BMW might be next on the i-Makeovers list — so it really is anyone’s guess. But considering …

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