1939 Delahaye 165 V-12 Cabriolet at Mullin Auto Museum18

Iconic Classic Car: 1939 Delahaye 165 V-12 Cabriolet at Mullin Auto Museum

Only at the Mullin Automotive Museum could a car as brilliant, unique and influential as this Type 165 Cabriolet be summed up as “Car 30.” Amid the world’s finest collection of all-things pre-war and coach-built, the Oxnard, California Mullin Museum is a must-visit for all car fans. Those with a special passion for classics will find none other than 90-plus completely one-off models in the astounding collection. Housed in a glamorous stage-type museum building, the mood is right for period flashbacks with a recreated LeMans pit area real enough to be a fire hazard. Everything is magnificent about the museum, …

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Hottest LA Debuts: 2014 Range Rover LWB Autobiography Black

The LWB Range Rover is a legend in America. For many, it was the breakout car for the brand in the early 1990s. Adding serious lounge space in the back of the County models really made this a cultured Suburban or Tahoe substitute in posh cities. The all-new Range Rover is quite exceptional in many, many ways. In addition to a forthcoming Hybrid model, this new Long Wheelbase version seems like a good choice for shoppers. The change on the exterior from this added length is very subtle, with the LWB Range Rover looking just as posh as ever in …

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