Matte Paint Replaces Shinier Paint Colors As Must Have Vehicle Colors, Comes With Tradeoffs

The shift in buying trends is not only impacting the way that cars are powered (gas vs electric) but is also even affecting the color that customers are getting for their new vehicles. It wasn’t too long ago that shiny metallic paints were trendy among the buying public, but it appears that the opposite is now happening with more customers buying darker matte colored hues. But is a matte paintjob the right play for you and your budget?   Matte Paints Are Rapidly Becoming The New Trend Setter Gleaming paintwork once defined the color scene in the new car market …

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For 10th straight year in a row white emerges as most popular car color

What hue is universally associated with refrigerators, is virtually impossible to keep clean consistently, and just topped the popularity charts for car colors for the 10th year in a row? If you chose the color white then you won the grand prize with the typically unassuming shade being named the most popular car color for new vehicles for the 10th year in a row according to Axalta. Running away with the vote The report was put together by the folks at Axalta (a firm specializing in industrial paint coatings) with the goal of helping automakers understand and predict color trends. …

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