2015 Aston Martin Works 60th Anniversary Vanquish

2015 Aston Martin Works 60th Anniversary Vanquish Is White/Gold Eyeblaster

Like many Mazda Miata’s before it, the long-running Aston Martin special edition parade continues today unabated. This anniversary of Q cars via the Aston Martin Works team is definitely an eyeblaster — but perhaps not for the right reasons. Luckily, this template and color choice just shows the huge variety of choices available with a Works Aston.       2015 Aston Martin Works 60th Anniversary Vanquish   ASTON MARTIN WORKS 60TH ANNIVERSARY LIMITED EDITION VANQUISH 12/12/14 Six bespoke models celebrate Aston Martin Works’ 60th anniversary Cars incorporate aluminium from Aston  Martin pistons of relevant eras Unique colour and trim …

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RAPIDE S 2015 gif 1

4.2s, 203-MPH 2015 Aston Martin RAPIDE S Also Nabs New Dampers, Torque-Tube and 8-Speed ZF Transaxle

Even more thrilling news from Aston! The technical upgrades to the Vanquish and Vanquish Volante also join the Rapide S saloon-car for 2015. This brings an enormous leap in agility and pace at all times thanks to the latest and greatest ZF Touchtronic III automatic transmission. Mounted in back on the rear axle, this transaxle setup creates an exceptionally balanced sportscar with weight distribution balanced exquisitely. A transaxle layout is the best method for a supercar sedan – as shown by the previous Maserati Qauttroporte and other heroes with four doors over the years. The Rapide S also brings new …

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3.6s 2015 Aston Martin VANQUISH Adds Amazing ZF 8-Speed Auto for 201-MPH Vmax

Thrilling news from Aston Martin today! The 2015 Vanquish brings a hefty set of upgrades and updates – including the best-ever automatic transmission from ZF. Dubbed Touchtronic III in its Aston duty, this amazing box is a wonderful complement to the new 2015 adaptive/adjustable dampers and a new torque tube as well. The eight-speed auto optimizes the 568-hp V12’s power to great effect in all scnearios. This includes the 60-mph sprint, where the 2015 Vanquish nails a 3.6-second pace. This is down more than 0.6-seconds versus the current car. Great stuff! The full details are out – below is nearly …

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