Lexus RX To Receive Black Line Edition Model For 2022, Will Join RXL In Offering Sporty Styling Package

When Lexus first revealed that the RX lineup was to receive the Black Line Edition treatment, the package was originally limited to the RXL extended-wheelbase model, which is the company’s half-baked attempt at creating a three passenger CUV for minimal investment. That announcement left us wondering about the standard RX and whether the Black Line would migrate to that variant of RX? Lexus revealed that it’s bringing things full circle and will introduce the Black Line Edition to those models for 2022.


Darkened Styling Adds Substance To RX’s Styling

This version follows the path set by other models equipped with the package and is strictly an aesthetic upgrade, with the RX getting darkened accents for the exterior. That includes the 20-inch wheels, a darkened spindle front grille, as well as mirror caps. As for the rear of the RX, the changes here are a bit subtler and are largely limited to some black badging, which replaces the standard chrome-colored badging.

The rest of the styling carries over intact, which serves as a glimpse into the RX’s aging canvas and how some of its rivals are quite literally being updated all-around it. In the meantime, the Black Line Edition adornments help enhance the RX’s athletic character, and they might be a good consolation prize for buyers in the market for an RX now.


Black Line Interior Goes To The Dark Side

The blacked-out theme continues on the inside, with the leather-adorned cabin receiving a complete blackout treatment. The sinister vibes contrast nicely with the open-pore wood trim and the grey contrast stitching that adorns select parts of the cabin. Lexus reps claim that the Black Line Edition will be based on the Premium Package, with those models coming loaded to the brim with standard equipment and bespoke amenities. That includes the novel Memory System as well LED-infused lighting elements.

Like the exterior, the interior of the RX is also starting to show its age, but some of the polish and stylish add-ons delivered by the Black Line Edition do a commendable job of masking this to a degree. Performance hardware is unchanged since this is a design-focused special, so look for the familiar 3.5 liter naturally aspirated V6 to handle formal performance duties in this special edition.


When Can I Buy A 2022 RX Black Line Edition?

Like the RXL, Lexus will be limiting the production of the standard RX Black Line Edition variant. Still, unlike its predecessor, the Japanese auto giant will be producing a bigger pool of them, with production reportedly limited to 2,500 examples. With the RX450h also getting into the act, that plays a role in splitting the allotment with 2,100 gasoline models taking up the bulk of the number while the remaining 400 will be the fuel-sipping RX 450h.

Pricing for this flavor of Black Line Edition starts at $49,450, while the all-wheel-drive equipped 450h has a bit of a premium baked into its pricing, with those models starting at $52,150. Crunch the numbers, and that equates to a $4,000 upcharge over the standard RX, but as mentioned, the Black Line Edition has its fans, and look for some of these loyalists to gravitate towards the pair regardless of what number is on the window sticker.