Hyundai Lets You See and Hear The N-Line Magic In New Hyundai Sonata N-Line [Video]

It was merely a month ago when Hyundai introduced the world to the all new Elantra sedan, and while the futuristic design and the revamped interior promised to restore some of the Elantra’s prestige and the innovative disruptive moxie that was lost with the old model. The world wondered what a performance focused Elantra would look like following the confirmation that the Elantra was next to get the N-Line treatment? The Korean car giant has answered the call (kinda) and has formally previewed the Elantra N-Line in a new video package.

While the video is the first tangible evidence that we have of the Elantra N-Line in the flesh, it is still wrapped up in very polarizing camouflage and as a result, we don;t get to see some of the finer details that will make this breed of Elantra stand out from the rest. However, we do get a peek at a dual exhaust system, a bigger front mesh style grille, as well as a louder engine note though we suspect that it has benefited from some artificial sound enhancement technology. The N-Line will get a slightly sportier body kit, as well as model exclusive bespoke wheels to further compliment the slightly lowered sport suspension. Hyundai is also being coy on some of the performance figures that the N-Line Elantra will bring to the performance compact segment, but did reveal that the Elantra N-Line will benefit from chassis improvements as well as a turbocharged engine. Chances are, it will be the same 1.6 liter four cylinder that powers the Elantra GT N-Line hatchback. In that model, the engine produces 201 horsepower and 195 lb-ft of torque. The five door can be equipped with either a six speed manual or an optional DCT, but the Elantra in the video clearly has a two pedal setup which is a clear indicator that the DCT is in the pipeline for the four door.


Hyundai did not reveal when it intends to unveil the Elantra N-Line, but with the Honda Civic Si and the Volkswagen GLI still potent benchmarks in the segment, look for Hyundai to perhaps unveil the car later this year. When it appears, the N-Line will also join the all new hybrid model in greatly expanding the Elantra range to help it appeal to a wider range of consumers. That range could expand even further, with Hyundai planning an all out N version that would appear a few years later. Like the Veloster N, power is expected to come from a larger 2.0 liter turbocharged four cylinder that makes up to 275 horsepower, and can be mated to either a six speed manual, or the optional eight speed DCT that was introduced on the 2020 Veloster N.