8 Things You Should Never Do While Driving

Even the best drivers can make big mistakes behind the wheel. It only takes one distraction or issue to impair a person’s judgment when driving a vehicle. It doesn’t matter how long you have been driving; you must actively try to become a better driver every time you get in a car. For this reason, you need to read the eight things you should never do while driving.

  1. Step into the Car Over the Limit

While every driver understands they cannot drink and drive, alcohol can impair a person’s judgment. As a result, you might believe you are sober when you actually are not. This can lead to a lack of focus, blurred vision, and poor reaction times, which could, unfortunately, cause an accident.

Driving bans can often be overcome if you need your car for work or other life commitments. Hardship license rules can make it very hard to get yourself back on the road if you have committed an offence while angry at another driver. Authorities take road rage very seriously, and this makes sense when you consider the potential for danger this sort of behavior can have.

Never step into the car when inebriated, as it could result in a serious or fatal collision and you’ll be facing a car accident lawyer for compensation.


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  1. Chat on Your Cellphone

There is a reason many countries across the world ban drivers from talking on their cellphone because it is incredibly dangerous. Many drivers believe it is perfectly safe to talk on their cell, as they are not distracted by looking at it. However, drivers are believed to respond slower to a traffic situation, as they are preoccupied with a phone call. While hands-free devices can make it easier to talk while driving, they can still consume much of your attention, as you’ll need to juggle driving a car, responding to road changes, and maintaining a conversation. It’s important to stay alert when driving, so put down the phone and give the road the attention it needs to ensure both yours and others’ safety.

  1. Eat While Driving

Many drivers will often eat behind the wheel, but it can be a dangerous thing to do while driving, which is why it is illegal in many destinations. While it might be a seemingly innocent action, it can be a significant distraction while driving. For instance, it only takes a few seconds to look away from the road and down at your sandwich to cause an accident, or your hands could be occupied when they need to be positioned on the steering wheel. Hot drinks should also be avoided while driving, as a painful spillage could be a danger.

  1. Drive with Sleep Deprivation

For obvious reasons, you should never drive a car when suffering from sleep deprivation. You might think it is difficult to fall asleep when driving a vehicle, but it can be an easy thing to do if you’re overworked or not getting enough shut-eye. You could even fall asleep for just a few seconds, as driving on five hours of sleep can be as dangerous as drunk driving.

If you find you are feeling sleepy while driving, you should pull the car over and buy a cup of coffee, which could keep you stay awake. You must also get some rest before you decide to drive the car again, or someone else must drive instead. Rolling down the window or turning on the radio will often not be enough to keep you awake, so always pull over to a safe location when you start to feel sleepy.


  1. Rubbernecking

Many drivers will often slow down the car and peer when an accident occurs ahead of them, which is known as rubbernecking. Yet, this is one of the worst things a driver can do following such an event for a variety of reasons. Firstly, a car accident could lead to a build-up of traffic, especially if multiple vehicles were involved. As a result, rubbernecking can reduce the flow of the road even further. It’s important to carry on driving away from the wreckage to prevent causing another accident.

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  1. Road Rage

1 in 10 drivers on the road reportedly suffers from road rage, while 1 in 6 young drivers stated they could not control their anger. The statistics might also be much larger, as many drivers will not like to admit to themselves or others that they experience road rage.

It’s easy to feel annoyed or angry when on the road you share with others, as not everyone will be a great driver or are courteous to other drivers. However, you must not become incensed with anger. If you do feel anger boiling up inside of you, it’s vital you pull over to calm down. If you don’t, you could allow your emotions to get the better of you, which could lead to an accident.

  1. Undressing or Dressing

Many drivers can often feel too hot or too cold while driving, as they might have forgotten to put on or take off their coat when they got into a car. So, they might be tempted to get undressed or take off a layer of clothing while driving to cool down, but this is a big mistake. It only takes one small change on the road to endanger yourself and others. Dressing or undressing can ultimately distract your attention, and you might be tangled up in your clothing with no way to react. If you cannot wait to put on or take off an item of clothing, pull over to a safe location.

  1. Texting, Emailing or Using Social Media

Last but by no means least is texting, emailing, or using social media on your phone as you drive. Doing so will only increase the likelihood of an accident. Never be tempted to text your partner back about dinner or to take a selfie in your new pair of shades behind the wheel. It only takes one second of distraction to lead to an accident that can live with you or others for a lifetime.

Despite the dangers, an incredible 90% of drivers in one survey stated they use their smartphone while driving. Never pick up your phone when the car is in motion, and you’re the person behind the wheel. It can be as dangerous as drinking a car with your eyes closed.


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