Design Analysis: 2018 Lexus LS500 at Amelia Island Concours [23 Photos]

A car whose in-person effect was knee-weakening?

This new LS500.

So, so new and so revolutionary for the Lexus icon.  Wait until you see this car’s unreal side sculpting and ultra-LWB, fastback-like proportions.  Its nose wears a next-gen level of sculpting throughout the bumper and hood.  The grille almost takes a back seat to the intensely low, long and muscular fenders and slim LED headlights.  The new DRL’s little lashes are intriguing too.

The LS and its ultra low new nose and long hood lead the eye to the windshield.  Check out the rake angle!  This is seriously streamlined and likely aiming for a class-best cD near .25 or so.  The visual effect is a next-gen Lexus model sharing little with any LS from before.

This example is a pre-pre-production prototype just showing the exterior.  The blacked-out glass hides a not-finished interior.  But if anything like the new LC500… get ready to be amazed, indeed.

The new LS is expected in stores in October as a 2018 model.


2018 Lexus LS500 at Amelia Island Concours