2016 Porsche 911 C4S by TopCar Makes Pre-Geneva Debut

TopCar’s Stinger upgrades have been offered on nearly every 991 variant… except the Carrera 4 and Carrera 4S.  The unique body panels of the factory widebody need their own kit.2016 Porsche 911 C4S by TopCar

And now we have it!  The TopCar package is definitely a dramatic change of stance and aggression for the C4S.  Exaggerated fender flares have their join point with the body high up in the shoulders of the machine.  It is cleanly integrated into the factory bumper designs– in back especially.

The nose is all-new and pretty sexy. Deep rounded intakes line the lower face of the car. A dark carbon front hood with cool upper intakes completes the look. It is extra dramatic with tinted privacy glass all around the gunmetal grey Porsche.

Crowning the new look is a 500HP powerkit and ADV1 gold alloys.

2016 Porsche 911 C4S by TopCar

2016 Porsche 911 C4S by TopCar


We’re pleased to present another one Stinger – tuning project on base of the Porsche Carrera 4S (991).

A more aggressive and energetic appearance gives the wide body kit “Stinger”: front bumper with aerodynamic splitter, extensions of the front fenders with TOPCAR’s logo, side skirts, extensions of the rear fenders, rear bumper with diffuser, carbon fiber hood and elegant rear spoiler. All the elements of the body kit without exception made of carbon fiber and painted in the body color – Agate Grey. Some elements (hood, rear spoiler, splitter, diffuser, the bottom part of the side skirts) covered by lacquered carbon.
For more expression, color accents – gold superlight forged ADV.1 Wheels. Engine power was increased to 500 hp.

Price of the Stinger body kit starts from 11 424 Euro. More info: http://topcar-design. com/tunings/porsche/991stinger

Tuning Porsche 991 Carrera Stinger

Porsche has always a unique position among German automakers, and when we talk about Porsche, first of all we imagine a classic 911 Carrera. Consequently, Porsche 911 Carrera – is a significant phenomenon in the history of German car industry and design.And producing of a new generation the legendary 991 Carrera, was a great event in the car world.

Accordingly, the company TOPCAR, which focuses on Porsche cars tuning, is pleased to introduce its new product – Porsche 991 Carrera Stinger. German experts have sharpened for decades the famous 911, so the designers of TOPCAR created Porsche 991 Carrera Stinger with particular care and attention. As a result, adjusted and wellchecked design of the new model from TOPCAR corresponds to the main industry theme, but much more strongly expresses the powerful temper of the sport coupe. The car became lower and wider, due to aerodynamic shapes of the front and rear bumpers Porsche 991 Carrera Stinger looks more aggressive and speedy. New hood, extra spoiler and new wheels ADV.1 – important finishing touches.

So this aerodynamic body kit for Porsche 991 Carrera Stinger includes front and rear bumpers, airpaths in the front bumper, extenders of front and rear wings, bonnet, set thresholds, extra spoilers and taps on the exhaust pipes.

Currently, the aero-kit is available for installing on all Porsche 991 Carrera and Targa. And in the nearest future, this kit will be available for in fixing on the narrower version of the Porsche 991 Carrera and Porsche 991 Carrera S.

Traditionally, all parts of TOPCAR aerodynamic kit are made of carbon fiber with vacuum forming.

Also, the company TOPCAR offers programs of capacity increasing by adjusting the engine control unit, the setting of new filters, manifolds and exhaust system. ultra light forged wheels ADV.1 wheels will improve driving qualities and significantly reduce the weight of the car. Apart from this TOPCAR staff members can offer an individual interior design project according to the customer wish.