Mecum 2016 Musclecars – 1970 Ford Torino KING COBRA

1970 Ford Torino KING COBRA

Best name on this Torino King Cobra, as well as some of the most advanced aero sleekness for any musclecar of the era.  But wow.  Stings like real snakebite venom when viewed from the front…!


Get ready for a rapid-fire of awesome musclecars on their way to auction!

The Mecum Kissimmee, Florida auction is billed as the largest in the world — and we believe them wholeheartedly after a visit to the event last year.

Wish we could preview them all…

But there are just too many special beauties to handle individually.

Even so, we pulled out a dozen or so very unique icons to showcase in a series of posts today.  Forgive the lack of writeups, please, and cruise over to for the full auction details, list of lots for sale, and info on how to bid online or in the flesh.   The event is a 9-day extravaganza starting January 15th, 2016.

Each of the cars featured has their auction codes in the header section, which may be helpful when tracking them down in advance or on their auction days.


2016 Auctions

Kissimmee, January 15-24, 2016


F104_R208_1970 Ford Torino King Cobra, Photos by David Newhardt