2016 Lexus GS-F Lands in USA! Showroom Sales From January with ~$66k Price, Standard TVD and Active Acoustics


‘Ultrasonic Blue’ F cars take on a new meaning when you think of Lexus chasing — and rapidly catching – BMW M and Mercedes-AMG supercars. Their rapid progress up the performance charts is much like the latest hypersonic cruise missile technology — aimed to strike anywhere in the world in less than an hour of flying time.

We’re thrilled with the new hot-rod pace and style of the GSF, and can’t wait to see its performance stats.

As a rear-drive model, expecting a 0-60-mph sprint in the 3’s is unrealistic. But in-gear power and thrilling performance are absolutely guaranteed — thanks to the TVD rear diff that is standard (See videos below).

For what it is worth, the GSF is likely to significantly undercut the BMW M5, Cadillac CTS-V and Mercedes E63 — all of which are priced from $85,000 and up. We expect the GSF to base for about $65,000 and be loaded at about $72,000.

Included here are 40 new photos of the GSF inside and out.



2016 Lexus GS-F


The new GSF is official! With the powertrain from the incredible RCF pushing out 467-horsepower, the GSF is sure to be a rocketship with sprint times approaching 4.2-seconds to 60-mph. Crucially, the GSF will run the torque-vectoring differential as standard.

This bit of kit is available in the RCF’s performance carbon package — and totally transforms the vehicle’s handling attitude. Three switchable settings let you control how aggressively the F manages power entering, around and leaving corners.

TVD gives a great feeling of potency and adds liveliness to the rear end of the car while also helping laptimes. This tech is helpful for the rear-drive F cars and lets them put maximum power to the pavement without loss of traction or stability-control interventions. Paired with the dynamic drive settings, the TVD revolutionizes the chassis and will hopefully make the GSF just as fun to hoon as the E63.

You can watch our impressions on the TVD in the RCF via the video below, and also hear the RCF fire up.

2016 Lexus GSF