Porsche GTS Crew Lands Lufthansa Red-Eye To LA – Cayenne, Cayman, Boxster and 911 GTS LA Photos

gts gifFrankfurt to Los Angeles — direct — is a long, long flight. 11-hours and 10-minutes, to be precise. The list price for a human is $4,000 on Lufthansa, and 10X that for a vehicle.


777ER. Or more likely, the trusty 747-400.

The trip feels especially lengthy when you are in the chilly cargo bay of a jumbo jet — which often has precious cargo in its below bay. Lufthansa is one of the only world airlines that flies cargo and humans on the same flights, at the same time. But the humans are kept warmer.

At 35,000 feet over the Atlantic, the cargo hold hovers a degree or so above freezing. Blisteringly cold.

So these four very special and very red Porsches had only SoCal bikini girls in their minds to keep themselves warm on the trip over.

But it was worth it for us.

They made it intact — their blood-red passion for the drivers lifestyle showing on the surface via the all-red paint theme.

Too bad about the sexless black jeans and converse of the show girls. No fun there. Time to head for the Hollywood hills to warm up those alloy blocks!

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