New Range Rover Sport HSE in 30 Real-Life Photos (and 20 Fake-Life Photos) + Tech Specs — HSE V6 Priced from $64k

The all-new 2014 Range Rover Sport has arrived! The first few boatloads of this hot new luxury truck are unloading as we speak — but demand is still far outstripping supply.

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So how does the new RRS look in person? Very nice and modern, thank-you-very-much.

Sidebar: Starting to think I did not win the #IamDriven contest, by the way. These latest photos already appear to be from Carmel, California. Sad panda – worked hard on these entries=]

On second glance, these California-based photos appear to be… cleverly inserted onto the PCH digitally. A glimmer of hope remains!

Even in the standard-engine HSE specification with a price from $64,000, the 3.0-liter supercharged V6 Range Rover Sport is a vastly superior machine to the outgoing model.

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The biggest change? While the old RRS rode on Discovery underpinnings, the new model carries its big Range Rover brother’s aluminum chassis design. This creates benefits in every area — especially with a new-for-2014 seven seat configuration.

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60-mph is quoted at 6.9 seconds for the V6 models, and down to 5.0-seconds dead for the supercharged, 510-horsepower V8 models from $91,000 and up.


The best of all worlds? Perhaps the (much cheaper) HSE V6 model with some giant KAHN alloys and blacked-out privacy glass all around?


Do not forget to order the body-colored sills and lower panels when ordering to achieve max curb appeal.

Uh oh, tinted windows talk? Keen readers may recall that the first, Daniel Craig-driven 2014 Range Rover Sport’s appearance was leaked by none other than a New York-based tinting shop.

Perhaps time to start adding tints right from the factory, chaps?

Regardless – the exterior is evolutionary but the cockpit is the real all-star of this new generation model. Comfort, luxury and tech all take a huge, three-generation leap in a single bound.

2014 Range Rover Sport HSE (V6) – Real-Life Photos




2014 Range Rover Sport Technical Data*


Engine 90-degree 3.0L DOHC V6, aluminum-alloy cylinder block and heads 90-degree 5.0L DOHC V8, aluminum-alloy cylinder block and heads
Displacement 2,995 cc 5,000 cc
Bore x Stroke 84.5 x 89.0 mm 92.5 x 93.0 mm
Compression ratio 10.5:1 9.5:1
Valvetrain Chain driven DOHC, four valves per cylinder;dual independent variable cam timing
Fuel/induction Direct fuel injection; Eaton twin vortex supercharger and dual intercoolers
Ignition Direct
Horsepower 340 @ 6,500 rpm 510 @ 6,000-6,500 rpm
Torque 332 lb.-ft. @ 3,500-5,000 rpm 461 lb.-ft. @ 2,500-5,500 rpm
Fuel requirement Premium
Transmission ZF 8-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission with CommandShift™ (Normal, Sport and Manual shift modes); locking torque converterRatios (1-8): 4.696, 3.130, 2.104, 1.667, 1.285, 1.000,  0.839,  0.667Reverse: 2.297Final drive: V6 S/C: 3.73   V8 S/C: 3.31
4-wheel drive system Permanent four-wheel drive with Torsen® center differential and single-speed transfer case for nominal 42:58 torque distribution, variable – up to 62% front and 78% rear; four-wheel Electronic Traction Control (4ETC).Optional Extra Duty Package uses electronically controlled, infinitely variable locking center differential with two-speed electronic transfer gearbox with shift-on-the-move capabilityLow-range transfer gear ratio: 2.93:1Active Locking Rear Differential
Dynamic controlsystems Hill Descent Control (HDC), Gradient Release Control (GRC), Hill Start Assist (HSA), Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), Electronic Traction Control (ETC), and Roll Stability Control (RSC).
Terrain Response®2 Modifies response of engine, transmission, differentials, dynamic systems (DSC, 4ETC, HDC) and air suspension. Multi-mode system to maximize traction and control in a variety of driver-selectable settings: General (optimizing systems for most normal driving conditions), Grass/Gravel/Snow, Mud/Ruts, Sand and Dynamic;Extra Duty Package adds Automatic setting that uses on-board vehicle sensors to analyze the current road surfaces and driving conditions, and then automatically selects the most suitable terrain program
Chassis/structure All aluminum unibody (bonded and riveted)
Suspension 4-wheel independent electronic air suspension with automatic load leveling and multiple driver-selectable modes, including Access, Standard, Off-road and Extended Height. Includes terrain-sensing capability and cross-link valving.
Front Double-wishbone with air springs, Adaptive Damping, anti-roll barV8 S/C adds Dynamic Response systemTravel: 10.236-in. (260mm)
Rear Multi-link with air springs, Adaptive Damping, anti-roll barV8 S/C adds Dynamic Response systemTravel: 10.709-in. (272mm)
Brakes Power-assisted 4-wheel disc with Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD), Advanced Emergency Brake Assist (AEBA), 4-channel all-terrain Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), electronic parking brake and Emergency Brake Lights.
Front discs 13.78-in. (350 mm), ventilated 14.96-in. (380 mm), ventilated
Rear discs 13.78-in. (350 mm), ventilated 14.37-in. (360 mm), ventilated
Steering Electric Power Assisted rack-and-pinion
Turns, lock-to-lock 2.78
Turning circle ft (m) 39.7 (12.1)
Wheels Std.: 19 x 7.5 in.Opt.: 20 x 8.5 in., 21 x 9.5 in.,22 x 9.5 Std.: 20 x 8.5 in.Opt: 21 x 9.5 in., 22 x 9.5 in.
Tires Std.: 235/65R19Opt.: 255/55R20, 275/45R21,275/40R22 Std.: 255/55R20Opt.: 275/45R21275/40R22
Exterior Dimensions
Coefficient of drag(Cd) 0.37
Wheelbase 115.1 in. (2923 mm)
Length 191 in. (4850 mm)
Width Excluding mirrors: 78.1 in. (1983 mm)Including mirrors: 87.4 in. (2220)
Height 70.1 in. (1780 mm)Access Mode: 68.1 in. (1730)Off-Road: 72.6 (1845)
Track (front/rear) 66.5/66.3 in. (1690 / 1683 mm)
Min. groundclearance Standard mode: 8.4 in. (213 mm)Off-road mode: 10.9 in. (278 mm)
Angle of approach 24.3 in. (standard height) / 33 in. (off-road height)
Angle of departure 24.9 in. (standard height) / 31 in. (off-road height)
Ramp breakoverangle 19.4 in. (standard height) / 27 in. (off-road height)
Max. wading depth 33.5 in. (850 mm)
Base curb weight 4,727lbs. (2,144 kg) 5,093 lbs. (2,310 kg)
Towing capacity Braked trailer: 7,716 lbs. (3500 kg)Unbraked trailer: 1,653 lbs. (750 kg)Tongue weight: 551 lbs. (250 kg)
Interior Dimensions
Seating capacity 5 + 2
Headroom — in./mm (f/r) 39.4 (1002) / 391 (993)
Legroom — in./mm (f/r) 42.2 (1073) / 37 (939)
Shoulder room — in./mm (f/r) 60.7 (1542) / 59.5 (1511)
Cargo space Behind second row: 27.7 cu. ft.Max. behind first row: 62.2 cu. ft.Under luggage cover: 17.3 cu. ft.
Max. load space length – in./mm 73.7 (1871)
Max load space width — in./mm 50.6 (1290)
Width between wheel arches — in./mm 44 (1120)
Liftover height — in./mm 33 (837)
0-60 mph 6.9 sec 5.0 sec.
0-100 km/h 7.2 sec. 5.3 sec.
Max. track speed 130 mph (209 km/h) 140 mph (225 km/h)
Fuel Economy (EPA)
City/highway (combined) mpg 17/23 (19) 14/19 (16)
Fuel capacity 27.7 US gal. (105 liters)

*Manufacturer’s figures. Correct at time of going to press.

 2014 Range Rover Sport HSE (V6)

New Range Rover Sport HSE in 30 Fake-Life Photos 2GIF

New Range Rover Sport HSE in 30 Real-Life Photos GIF